setting up an auto tent. few questions

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Feb 28, 2010
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a few days ago i came across a complete setup up tent. only missing a few minor things. 2'x4'x6.5'. it seems very tall for auto's. i havent grown them so my question is can i turn the tent on its side for more plants? im thinking about going soil grow for this. maybe organic. it came with 1 400w hps and flemzy reflector. if i were to turn it i would add another 400w hps. is this a good idea?
You would need extra good ventilation, and you couldnt bring the lights close to the plants, so you could only grow smaller plants (autos), but if you have enough head room, and it doesnt get too hot, I dont see why not :D
I dont think that would work, well not if you want decent yields.

I grow autos in a 2 meter high tent. At the moment my Mi5 auto is about 32 inches tall and my HBD is just over 3 ft tall. then include the pots so about 1.5 ft, head room for the light.
If the hood is air cooled then you need about 6 inches room from the bulb to plant, if not there goes another foot.
Use the tent the correct way and enjoy all that headroom...I used to flower in 2x4x5 tents and not having the head room really sucked. Now I flower in a 4x4x6.5 and life is sweet....jmo
thanks guys. i think i will leave it. does anyone have a suggestion for better lighting? wouldn't i get a better yield with more watts? 400 just seems small. i've got 2 1000w's laying around but the tent has small holes so i dont think i could use one of them. could i use two 400w's in a "cooltube". sorry if this is a stupid question. i've seen a cool tube. but dont know anything about them. i ordered my seeds yesterday. i used attitude because i figured with there big ad on this forum, that it was highly likely people on this forum have grown some of theese specific strains and would maybe have some specific advise. the strains i chose are:
World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder Autoflowering Feminized
SAGARMATHA SEEDS Strawberry D-Lite Feminized
Short Stuff Seeds Onyx
Short Stuff Seeds Mi5
they are sending me 1 free bean of these strains aswell(which is awesome): BUDDHA SEEDS DEIMOS AUTOFLOWERING FEMINIZED
Buddha Seeds Syrup Automatic Feminized coming soon
Emerald Triangle Seeds Emerald Jack Feminized
Emerald Triangle Seeds Grapefruit Krush Feminized
Emerald Triangle Seeds Super Sour OG Feminized
I have run 1000 watts in a 2x4x5 great yields off of autos but was fighting the heat the whole was a 600w in a cool tube and a 400w in a standard reflector.
i think the tent would defiantly work but instead of buying a 2nd 400watt light to go in it you should buy a $100 4 foot light rail off amazon. you'll have to make two 4ft supports for the tent, once it's on it's side they would go in the middle of the 6.5ft spans verticaly.

i have actually thought of doing this in a set up almost just like this (only with one 600watter on a light rail), i have a lot of lowryder#2 and ladiva x lowryder#2 seeds, but being legal it's really not worth it.
im thinking about cutting holes and useing my 1000w hps. cant i mount it really close to the top? or do i have to keep the light close to the tops of the plants to keep them short and move them up as they grow? can the light be that far away from seedling to adult?
with 1000 watts 12-18 inches it the closest your gunna want it to your plants... unless your using air cooled hoods and a 240cfm fan... then maybe 8-10 inches.
i'd germ them under cfls till they at least have a few sets of leaves.
your growing autoflowers, you don't worry about stretching as much.
imo autoflowers prefer deeper pots over wider pots.
i'm using 1 1000 watt for my current grow in a 5x5x6.5 tent. i have two inline duct fans keeping my hood cool, my temps stay around 82 and i'm in a basement that stays around 65-70.

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