Sexing plants

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi everyone, I am getting a lil nervous after hearing that just because seeds are ordered and said to be feminized that- thats always the case.. I have 2 plants and they are in about 6 weeks of veg and showing signs of something.. They look like little spikes in between branchs. nodes. I put on some glass's and took a few pics and now about to run out and buy a magnifing device.. Enclosed are a few pics. can anyone tell for sure? Gracias de antemano .. Hero

Friday 22 010.jpg

Friday 22 011.jpg

Friday 22 013.jpg

Friday 22 017.jpg
patience grasshoper, time will tell :)

I can't say the sex yet for sure, but to just to put some fears to rest I can say that I definitely do not see any signs that you have a male. In the third pic I think I see the start of a pistil.

cant tell with they pics beter geting some pics of nearer the top of the plant your looking for big white pistels/ iv just had fem beans turn male only got 1 fem witch strain and wher they from
all mj plants have the spikes.
No need for magnification, it's too early yet to will need a scope later for checking trichs though!
Wishing you females

take care and be safe
I see nothing male or female yet....does seem like quite a few fem beans are screwing the pooch lately.
What you are looking at is simply new growth. It doesn't look as if you have alternating nodes yet. You are probably not going to see signs of sex until you have alternating nodes. I wouldn't get too worried, if you have a male, you will have plenty of time to identify it and remove it.

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