Single Il Diavolo Auto grow from seed; LST, CFL start to finish

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Broke-n-Tokin Tent Bonger
Feb 6, 2011
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I got the seed in today, and after about four hours of soaking, it sank! I'm thinking it's viable then! I soaked it as said, and then placed it into soil in a solo cup... I used a clear one with a red one with the bottom cut out over it, (like the clones from the other journal) so I could watch the root development and transplant as soon as applicable. Got a few shots of the area set up... Not extravagant but have the key components; Light, air exchange, temperature control, and water! Odor control will not be an issue as I have a carbon filter ready to install if and when she starts to put out the stench. Kind of boring right now I know; but I was excited and wanted to tell the world!!! Thankfully I have you guys in anonymity to share with! So without further adieu, here are some pictures!
The area; I've got two white planks that were serving as the bottom shelf(now missing) boxing it in to deem my lighting more efficient.
My home-made inline fan... Not the greatest but will suffice for air intake needs of one plant I'm sure! You can see in the second photo that I've rearranged it's location to see if I can get the temperature in there below 80...
The seed sank! As you can tell at the bottom of this Scarface shot glass!
The planted seed; and the second picture shows I have it covered, in a warm, dark, and moist area!
And finally, you can see I'm not far over 80, but it's rather cool this evening too! Summer's coming and it may prove to be a difficult situation... So Long as I get something growing here! I've been going crazy the past few weeks with no garden! Thanks for stopping by guys; Lot's aof green lady mojo please!:D
Im looking into getting some autos for my next grow in my box. I cant wait to see how it performs mojo mate!
I'm pulling up my chair and i have my blanket ready to see the GROW!! :D
I appreciate the good karma guys! Keep your fingers crossed for heavy nugs!:yay:
No life yet... But it's only been 24 hours I think... Maybe 2 days!?:confused: I smoke too much I guess!:rofl: Nope; it was 2 days ago! I'm still thinking it'll take at least 2 more days to break ground.. I buried this one a little deeper than my usually 1/4" or so... Closer to a 1/2"... I also moved it from the pantry to the closet in the middle of the house.. Wasn't sure it was staying warm enough for germination. Wish me luck guys; it's the ONLY seed I have right now!!!
Hey, you should get another power strip and plug half ur stuff into it so ur not running all of that off of one strip.... Just a thought. Looks good though should be fun! Good luck bro!
rotten_socks420 said:
Hey, you should get another power strip and plug half ur stuff into it so ur not running all of that off of one strip.... Just a thought. Looks good though should be fun! Good luck bro!
I thought about it... I have another strip but am going to chance because the bulbs only add up to 185 watts... The strip is rated for a total of 500 watts... But I've got two stand by if something goes a rye, say kick a breaker or what have you...
Sweet man, it was just a thought, ive always had electrical problems, we just dont get along to well I guess lol. How are things lookin? cant wait to see some more pics once it pops its little head out.
By George I've done it again!:rofl: I checked on her this morning and she had emerged from the soil... Three days from seed! Not too bad in my experience (limited really). Got some pix... Nothing impressive and the focus sux really... But it's just for record, proof of sprout date; day 1! :yay::woohoo:
You can see the cotyledon just above the dirt; still pointing down from the lack of light in the closet!:rofl:
Turned towards the light and starting to show little bitty tips of her first set of serrated singles...

I was super excited to see I had a viable seed, and it's phenomenal rate of breach is a good sign! Start the calendar rolling; seven weeks, give or take!:hubba:
:woohoo: congrats mate! now lets just hope its a true auto :D
The last one I grew autoed at 23 days... After two days of 18/6... I have faith in her... Feminized auto of the same strain of the one that got yanked and was flowering under 24/0! I'm hoping for a winner!:rofl:
Thats good Gixxer, I have read alot about peoples autos not being true autos. mojo for ya mate
I'm gonna follow along... Happy Growing!
Well, how excited are you Gixx? I can feel it from here. Green mojo coming your way. Serious mojo.
Thx tic tac for showing up... Rose bud and the other guys will tell you I'm a stickler for photos!:giggle: especially once they get a little bigger! and YES ROSEY!!! Very excited! Still crossing my fingers and going to be delicate with her!:rofl: I'm gonna call her Darline!
the chef said:
Mojo to ya cfl'r!
I prefer T5 and HPS (for flower) but this is all I could get the wife to agree to... I'll take what I can get right now!:rofl:
That eases my mind a bit.. You switch from 6500 to 2700k for flowering? Any 6500k for flowering?

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