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Bubonic Chronic

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Aug 19, 2005
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so like, just recently my plants started really really reaking. I've been outta town and came home to it like this, and it kinda is hard for me to breathe, is it just my head? or should i not be sleeping in the same room??
LOL...BB, I don't believe there are any harmfull properties in inhaling odors from growing mj.
Reminds me of a story,though...
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...oops wrong story..

"Once upon a time"...
about 10 yrs ago, I was caught in my OD grow by the local Sherriff's. They cuffed me, pulled the 6 meager(and I do mean meager) plants, stuffed the plants in the cargo area of a Chev Blazer, me in the backseat, and 2 officers in the front seats.
About 1/2 way to the jai;house,which was 25 miles or so, one cop starts saying how he is getting "high" from the fumes and has to roll his window down. By the time we reached town, he was asking for medical to meet us at the jailhouse!!
He got pissed when I suggested "mental" help rather than medical.
hahahahhahah word

maybe its because ive been outta town smokeless for a couple

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