slow release nuts

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i have a container of 14-14-14 slow release nutrients...The box says that after aplied at seeding it will last for 4 months* (when the soil is at 70 F) Im planning on growing lowryders so i will only need the nuts for 2 months.. the stuff are like small seeds that release nuts whenever the plant needs them...
I know that its only 14-14-14 but i'd rather just worry about fertalizing for one day without the risk of overdosing...
i am just wondering is slow release is any good for marijuana the box says its great for and plant or vegable.

What im probaly gonna end up doing is just give halve my crop the slow release and gove the other have normal 20-20-20 nuts...
What if you need to flush for some reason? You'll just end up releasing more nutes.
I don't recommend them. Like max said, "no control".
the stuff are like small seeds that release nuts whenever the plant needs them...
they "continually" release nutes. It has no way of knowing that the plant needs them.
I dunno, but it seems to me that soils filled with 4 mos. worth of slow release nutes are for people that don't want to fuss and aren't necessarily going to take every stop possible to ensure a high quality yield -- that doesn't describe mj growers in general. Also, what's in that stuff? Do you know it will be appropriate for flowering as well as vegg?

Slow release nutes might make sense in an outdoor grow that has a water source you don't have to administer. (rain, nearby creeks and rivers) Even then, you won't want so many nutes that you won't be able to thoroughly flush before harvest, etc. More importantly, you don't want to pollute natural water sources with nasty-ass slow release nutes.

Just baby your plants step-by-step. It's worth it.
Sorry, theman. Didn't mean to chew your ear off. Peace and best of luck.

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