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Feb 14, 2022
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Da tree
Well, I took a break from my last harvest. Temps here are crazy. I did notice I won Julys Bud Pic of the Month!!! Sweet! Not sure if I win anything, but just being the winner is enough for me. Thank you all.

I am starting back up here with 1, Sundae Punch feminized. (I liked this strain the most out of my last grow.) 1, Runtz feminized, and 2, Chem 91 regular seeds. (hopefully we get a female. Seeds are now soaking in water.

I need to clean my tent. Question, how many grows can I get out of my 6" infinity carbon filter? I only run in a 3x3 tent and only run the filter during flower. She has one long sativa grow under her belt as of now. (14 week M2 strain and other hybrids.)

Thanks for all being here. I will start my new grow journal here as soon as all of the ladies break ground.

You all rock!
if you use the pre filter sock you should get years of life from a quality filter...I use gorilla cans and love them..

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