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SmOkEyS guide to rollin a decent spliff


Jul 22, 2006
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Rolling the Perfect Joint

Rolling the perfect joint takes patience and concentration.

Items you will need:

1. Rizzla (I always use silver kingsize rizzla as they are thin, but for newbie rollers i suggest blues, Never use reds u mite aswell use normal paper)

2. Roach paper (Green paper that you get with rizzla is one of the best things you can use. you can use other paper such as train cards but you do tend to taste the ink.)

3. Tobacco ( i always use B&H gold fags, i find that they are quite dry and tend to make a nice smoke.)

4. Weed (the most important part of the joint. make sure its not really dry cos u jus lose the goodness. Always grind your weed it goes further and smokes better)
Smokeys Step by Step Joint

I will try and keep it simple

1. Firsty Lay your rizzla out, sticky side facing towards you at the top.

2.Roll a roach by taking a 1.5 cm x 1cm card and rolling it between your thumb and first finger. Make sure there is a clear hole through the roach, Large enough to allow smoke to come through but small enough to keep the weed and tobacco in the joint.

3. Place the roach in the right hand end of the rizzla. I always find that it is easier to manouvre.

4. Apply the tobacco starting from the roach. Start by appling the tobacco thinly about the same width as the roach and as you go to the end of the joint apply more until you can see a sort of cone effect.

5. Apply weed. Now this part is vital to how stoned you want to get. the more you add the more stoned you get. remember always grind your weed. plus always leave about 1 inch gap from the roach to where you start putting your weed in. this is because i always find by the time you get to the last inch u cant be arsed to smoke any more. so by leaving the last inch with no weed in if u throw it away u arnt loosing and weed . :)

6. Now this is the part where you will have problems if you have not rolled before. lift the rizzla in the air (always do this over a tray just incase you are stoned and drop it, this way u have saved it on the tray) hold the rizzla by the roach and start rolling it until the paper begins to wrap around the roach

7. All being well the rest of the paper should follow the wrap around the roach . now once you have rolled the paper at least once around the weed and tobacco start to apply a little saliva to the sticky . carry on rollin round and just hold for a minute to dry.

8. if you have done the above steps correctly all you will have to do is twist the end . If you have not rolled it tight enough u will find u may have to pack it or finish it small. if you need to pack it just take another rizzla place some tobacco and weed in it and gently pour it into the end of your spliff until you reach the desired length.

Now The Proof is in the smoke
Now spark your joint and start toking. A little tip is to rate your own joints out of 10 this way if you are honest with your self and you have done a terrible job of it and only score 2 or 3 it will give you more insentive to try harder next time.

I hope a have helped any one who may be struggling . and for those of you who already roll well i hope i have givin you an interesting read.
Happy Smokin

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