How did you discover Weed?

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Aug 30, 2020
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For me, it was early 90's. I had only smoked weed maybe one other time and I actually didn't really feel much off of it. I had always heard some people don't get high their first time. I just think it ground up stem and shit in a bag of mexican brown. Smoked a second time a year or so later and it was better stuff, and I did feel something..just not much.
Maybe 6 monthes later, a friend hooked me up with a real bag of colombian golden. This was special because early 90's was the end of the really good import weed. I didn't even know how to roll a joint yet so my buddy rolled a fatty with a dollar bill, a feat I was impressed We rolled over to another buddies house, because we all shared, and proceeded to smoke this doobie of Columbian Golden and for the first time, I was truley, without a doubt..Stoned to the bone. The buzz lasted long into the night. We ended up walking all these crazy trails in the woods under a full moon. just laughing our asses off and having a great time It was truley a magical night. That was the the night where marijuana became a sacrament to me.
Harwood Union High School I think it was what 1990 might have been 89 7th grade Junior High bathroom we all pulled our money together to get a bag of that really good Afghani skunk that was coming out of the Garrison Hotel up on German Flats Road one from our crew rolls out there gets on his bike comes back I don't know it must have been a little over an eighth at the time think we paid 40 bucks for it the whole bathroom reached when he brought the bag out of his pocket who should walk into the f****** bathroom from the complete opposite side of campus but the high school music teacher takes one look at my buddy changa and says hand that over right now mister he proceeds to shove it down his pants and start walking out of the school they ended up getting it my dad comes to the school I'm in there with the vice principal my dad comes in looks at the bag smells it looks at the vice principle looks at me and says how the f*** can you afford to buy s*** like this that was my first introduction to cannabis and I've smoked ever since,
And I'd like to give a certain power shout out to a senior lab technician Essex Junction IBM who would always allow me to go into that top drawer once in awhile and grab some flowers you're my dude man I'll never forget you thank you from the bottom of my heart

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