Very Intro about Cannabis!

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Sep 24, 2022
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I am a Beer, Grain drinker for about 40 years and I went the weed smoke with my friends years ago. mmm about 40 years. I grow things and then some one handed ME SOME CANNABIS SEEDS AND SAID GROW THIS! Well it was a challange and I grew AK 47>> Jax , sputtys and then an un known that was MMM the tar that came off your fingers stripping and putting into a big bag was like I can peel it off my fingers. After 40 years I took a Tok and I really did not like the feeling Kinda Like Matt Headroom. But I waNT TO grow next year 2023 a weed that grows in hot climate , we get in the summer from 80. 100f for times and that jax Timewarp and that Japan blend just stalled all summer! Now I have it in my south window for it looks like a bit. will start seeds in March and will finish at sept 30 Regular seeds please to grow again! your thoughts whats the best strain?
Best Hot Climate Cannabis strain to grow! to come full cycle with seed ! Thanks for your time. plant seed in house march harvest seeds in October 1
Best Hot Climate Cannabis strain to grow! to come full cycle with seed ! Thanks for your time.
OK there are a few who grow here in pretty hot climaxes, Im sure they will chime in.
What temps are we talking and for how long of a period?
You need to find someone in the same region as yourself (might be someone here) But they need to know you location Country is fine.
This way they can say I grown this and it was great.
Thats very >very> NICE OR MICE whats the best Cannabis strain for a hot climate in its veg aND FLOWER STAGE??
See ya. What's with the attitude? You asked some questions, and folks answered. I'm thinking you need to switch to decaf.
You're farther north than I am, and I have no problems with growing anything. Heat doesn't bother weed plants. Short growing seasons can be dealt with.
Dang you guys need to be quicker with the answers…🤣
it’s super hot where I live. i would have asked rant of it was humid there but I guess he ran out of meds before I got here. Y’all have a good night
Im out of here!
Just tell me damm it!

You'll come back now Ya hear?

Like I said folks would be around to help you but no you had to go and jump the rant.
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