Smoking stems?

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Aug 10, 2006
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I have alot of weed stems from years of saving up and i was wondering if u can smoke them and get high
I have alot of weed stems from years of saving up and i was wondering if u can smoke them and get high
I doubt that you will get high smoking the stems.
I bet you'd get a big ol headache!

Yuck. I've always just tossed the stems and most of the seeds as well.
moms right ,,your gonna get a head ache ,,p,l,r
If you have a bunch. You may try soking it in 91% iso alcohol and trying to get a tiny amount of hash. If you desperate.
Check out B. Grunts ISO Hash how to. in the Hash section. but smoking em is out.
alternately you could use them as:

a bookmark
fencing practice
pole vault for mice
support for marshmellows whilst cooking
arrow shafts
an instrument for bedtime discipline (my personal favourite)
string beads along for an abacus

if you have enough you could start basketmaking or maybe even form them into a nice hat.

any more??
i had about a little more then a ounce of stems and i soaked them in grey goose vodka for 2 weeks in my closet it made an intresting drink
one of my friends gets us to save stems. he says hes gonna make tea out of not so shure about that one but we'll see i guess. anyone ever heard of pot stem tea??
yeah my original plan was to make tea but then i saw this thing about pot liqour somewhere online and decided to try it
thats funny i mean what does it do does it alter the flavor only or can it get you high and how much stems do you need. he has got to have like a pound of chronic stems will that possibly get you high. in any case you would probably have to drink the whole gallon of tea to yourself to see if it worked. But hey I bet you wouldnt have cottonmouth!
i used a 750ml vodka bottle and filled it with stems till it was aobut half full the liquor tasted like eating a bag of shwag and im not sure if it got me high or not but it def gave you a diffrent buzz then regular alcohol

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