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Apr 4, 2005
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hello everyone, I just started my soil grow with my new light system a week ago. I'm growing 2 white widow feminized seeds under 400watt MH for veg then I'm going to switch to my Hp for flower. I gave them some plant food a day ago and I see some netu burns. I have some pictures, tell me what you guys think. Thanks
don't overfeed them. How close is the light haning from the tops?

Dont feed them at all. The soil your using already has ferts in it. If you give it more it will get worse. You should not have gave them any to start with. I hope the make it. I'd flush the soil out realy good.
how can I flush it? because today I noticed my leafs are very light green, the light is about 2 feet from the tops. Thanks

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