someone please help me!

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Aug 6, 2005
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Ok, im trying to get my first job and pass the urine test and i've been smokin budd occasionaly for about 2 whole years. now I havent smoked in exactly 28 days and I've been takin some NAICIN that my cuzin gave me for about 1 week now. They burned the first 3 times I took them but after that, they dont burn anymore, and i dont know if its because im clean or if its because I had ate and waited an hour before i took the Naicin?? I can really use some info on this because its my first time bieng sober and i dont know if im clean or when i will be!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING!!
if you smoked weed occasionaly and you didn't smoke for 28days you should be fine don't worry. Just try to drink alot of water and cranberry juice. Also drink alot of water and piss before you go to do your test.
Yo Bizzy I hope u right man.. I'ma try it though and if i get tha job then ima let yall know iight. good lookin out on tha tips though.

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