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Sep 24, 2005
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Hey, i'm Marco(20) from the western cape in South Africa.
Been smoking the green stuff for about 4years now and
loving every moment of it!!

Best Forum I've seen to date
Welcome to the forum Marco!
Nice to addition to the diversity of the membership.

I'd be keen to hear about your SA genetics..What ch' growin?
Thanks for welcoming.Well i've been reading through the forum to be up to date before i post anything and O MY WORD you grow the best weed i've ever seen!!I wont even mention the few pathetic attemts at growing my own, but after alot of reading i now know all the mistakes i made and be at it again asap.The weed we get in SA that i have smoked:
Port snt Johns
Durban Poison
Malawian gold
Purple skunk
This is most of it that i can remember,durban poison and malawian gold being the best by my reconing.The other thing about marijauana in SA is that it is very low priced against the other prices i've seen on the forum.A bankie of Malawian gold would cost you about R100 which is about £10,then you are smoking some really good stuff.You can buy reasanobly good weed for about £1 that would make about four joints.We do get stuff like northern lights
,ak47,and purple haze here but very seldom and then you pay your ass off.I live in London UK at the moment,been here for about two months,havent smoked in 67 days!!Think im gonna die soon,dont know from who i can get any but patience is a virtue and so i will wait till this Vryday when we have a rasta festifal here.Bound to get something there,they always have some really good weed.cant wait!!will keep you posted

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