Spidermites. I laugh in your face......

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So, I havent been here in a while, and amongst other things, Ive had the pleasure of dealing with none other than the scourge of the underground world of growing, the two spotted spider mite. The only reason im writing this is to tell you how to ERADICATE, not control them. From what I can tell, (and accomplished) you can in fact rid yourself of mites, once and for all.
Though, it may seem extreme, I chose pesticides. Why? Because cleanliness alone will not protect you. Id like to think Im the most clean, careful grower there is, and I will continue to try as this does help fight in the name of prevention, HOWEVER........
As ive come to find out through a grow Ive been supervising, mites can in fact infiltrate even the cleanest of grow rooms. In my case it was from what i suspect were contaminated clones. I cant prove it, but it doesnt matter, it takes one egg laying mite to thwart your efforts.

Now, Ive done this with two different grows and I can tell you this. I now laugh at spider mites, lol. literally, come and get it guys, Im waiting, lol. So here it is,

Spidermite eradication: By Jbonez.
1. Clone all of your most valuable plants, even if they are infested, use refrigerated water in a spray bottle a few days before, spraying the plants top to bottom, the mites really hate this...
2. You should be discarding any remaining plants in your possession, not good at cloning? wise up.
3. Now, the only plants you should have in your possession should be in a pretty humid dome or environment of some sort.
4. While waiting for roots, clean your entire grow room with a mild bleach solution.
5. Ah, now we have clones that have been rooted and growing for about a week and we are ready to kill the bastage spidermites that are without a doubt still waiting to kill your clones, usually hiding on the underside of the leaves.

Supplies you will need:
a: Avid miticide, and Floramite SC if you wanna get crazy. You can source this at your local hydro store or online. Try and buy portioned vials as a quart of this stuff is about 400 bucks! Cant find it? You shouldnt be growing.
b: A 5 gallon bucket
c: Rooted clones about 4 inches tall with a week of veg under their belts
d: Latex gloves and a roll of paper towels.

Now, the procedure, do not deviate from this. It can be dangerous, but follow my lead and your good. Have a little faith.
Mix 2.5 ml of Avid miticide into 2 gallons of tap water in your 5 gallon bucket, stir.
Now take your solo cups that have the clones in them and trim them up about an inch from the bottom.
Take a paper towel and carefully stuff it around the base of the soil, or your medium of choice, so you cant see the medium.
Now, turn the plant upside down, literally and carefully dunk your plants into the solution a few times, slowly so as not to splash around this poisonous mixture of pure delightful mite killing death juice.

Set them right side up afterwords and only remove the paper towels from around the base after the plants are done dripping. No need to contaminate the medium, but nonetheless the stuff doesnt hurt the dirt!
Thats it, your done, you just eradicated spidermites.

Avid, Floramite SC, ect. ect. are topical in nature, but also work systemically to kill mites. You can repeat this one more time a week later, this will get any few remaining stragglers, even tho you already killed them.
Mites also build resistance to these miticides, so switch it up, dont always use one type of miticide. Ive noticed tho, that just one treatment of Avid will no doubt do the trick.

Anyone wishing to post about how you should never resort to pesticides shouldnt post in this thread. The long after results of pesticides are negligible at best and the reason you treat them while they are young is due to this fact.
ps. I only grow Veganic Schmeganic bud, and only product the finest grade pot you only dream about, so If your gonna tell me about how Im in fact wrong, well i could care less. Im an obsessed elitist level grower yet to be challenged, so happy posting friends!

Hope this helps those with familiar woes!:cool:
Good info, thanks!

As an aside, if you like Floramite, check out FORBID, a Bayer product. Even easier to work with and IMO, even more effective. I have and use, both.

Never used the Avid, because I alternate with the Forbid and the Floramite. You are so correct about the resistance building of the mites. I think this is where most get into big trouble, not alternating treatments and/or using ineffective treatments from the git.

This is good stuff, i found controling mites on little clones very managable, its alot easier to spray them off a clone with 4 or 5 leaves then a monster in flower.
Siick! Much needed info!! Could u explain how this garantees no Mites during the later flower stage?

Sns217-great organic way to kill mites and eggs along with avid or floramite. I ve heard forbid is good too.
BraddahEEE said:
Siick! Much needed info!! Could u explain how this garantees no Mites during the later flower stage?

It doesn't *guarantee* anything.

However, the Forbid and Floramite have a ~30 day residual effect, so that will get you 1/2 way through flowering. As long as you don't introduce new mites, you should be ok for the rest of flowering.

I spray a day or 2 before the flip to 12/12 and have never had a problem, and I can only speak of the Forbid and Floramite, have not used the other products mentioned.

Well said wet dog, this isn't a replacement method for good growing practice, if you keep an environment mites don't like then once you eradicate them you should be good.

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