stages of flowering

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi everyone.. My plants are on their 5th night of 12/12 and I was just wondering.. I cannot find much on stages of flowering.. I think I can already see more hairs or pistals in between the points on the stems but it could be just wishfull thinking, How long will it be in 12/12 before I start to begin to see a noticable difference in my plants.. They do seem to have grown hieghtwise like 4 inchs this week alone, Thanks everyone. Hero
I imagine that you cannot find anything on the stages of flowering because, really, flowering is not divided up into stages. Five days is not long--try to be patient.
Hmmm.. ok- if you say so Hempgodess.. But I am anxious to see the results of that 2 month pampering I gave those girls. lol Thanks Hero
Take a pic every week...U will see the difference. It's hard to to judge day by day..It's like me..Just did my new drivers license and couldn't beleve how much older i looked....Beats the alternative...
Howdy Hero, I'm sure you have noticed them get taller. The first 2 weeks in flower +/- they will atleast double in size depending on strain. They maybe getting a couple extra hairs now, but usually around 2 weeks in is when I really notice actual buds developing. I grow indica mainly. I hear some sativas may not show flowers for a few weeks into 12/12. Good luck to ya. The waiting is the hardest part.
I have one TNT kush and a White rhino.. They are definatly growing taller. Now with the lights on only 12 hours I cant spend as much time with them but I am hoping for nice bud development Thanks BK Hero
Dude... I`m now on day 16 of 12/12 & still no signs.... it`s just a waiting game... hard I know, but be patient is all I can say. ;)
Dayum. I thought by week 2 there should be hairs everywhere.. Hero
Not always bro... these ladies I am growing here are Exodus Cheese & have not, as yet, started the flowering stage. :)
I'd be going crazy. wondering if I did something wrong or what I could do to fix the situation. lol I am worried miine are going to grow too talll because I didnt top.. Theyre like 3 feet now.. Hero
Relax--you have at least 2 more months of pampering. The buds develop on their own schedule with sativas taking longer than indicas. It takes a while for the plant to switch over to flowering hormones and start growing bud.

I have had strains that had virtually no switchover stretch. If they get too tall, a little LST will probably keep them out of the light.
hero4u2b said:
I am worried miine are going to grow too talll because I didnt top.. Theyre like 3 feet now.. Hero

You can still super-crop a couple of times bro... just lop off the tops. :)
no no no... don't be topping those girls at this point, the heavy training is done in veg not flower. Were trying to minimize stress once we switch to flower.
Started flowering? Oh... didn`t see that.... thought he was still vegging.

Ignore this stoned Badger then please. ;)
They are starting to grow taller like mad. I can go another foot.. after that I will need more light.. Pistals are shooting out above the points on the main stem.. I opened the door this after after getting home and the smell of weed is starting to become noticeable.. They are looking good . once they is alot of hairs, I will post pics.. Thanks you guys.. couldnt have done it without your help.. Hero
Just normal! Sounds like they are doing exactly what they should be. All is well don't worry about bud formation it takes time. The stretch is very normal and means they are fit, in a week or so you will see nice bud formation starting.. I grow alot of Sour Diesel and I love how it stretches and Opens up! much more than other strains. The opening up has such a great affect on the lower branches buds, they start growing straight up themselves. You can tie her and bend her over but DON'T cut the top off! ;)

Here is a Pic of Querkle and of Sour Deisel. They have the same size pots same soil and were the same size 3 or 4 weeks ago when they went to flower! :eek: See how much different each strains can be ;)


If you really want to read about the "stages" of flowering I believe Marijuana Botany by Clarke has flowering broken down into a Cpl stages.....maybe someone has the link to the book online? Maybe Hick?
first 2 or 3 weeks they are gonna just grow.. taller.. thicker.. white hairs will slowly start to show at all the bud spots

week 4 the buds should be noticeable.. U should be able to see the buds forming. The hair should cover the bud when its this small.. so lots of white hairs in a ball shape kinda on the top.

week 5 and 6 the buds will grow slowly but from week to week you will be able to see the diferance. Buds will outgrow the hairs and when you look you will see the actual bud and not just a ball of white hair..

week 7 and 8 the buds will swell up and ripen.. most white hairs will turn brown.

of course this is not exact.. not the same for every strain.. but i find that basicly this is kinda how it goes.. hope that kinda sorta helps.

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