Stem mishap

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Hungarian Gypsy

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Jun 2, 2011
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My plant is healthy and hearty. She's a little over 2 feet and getting ready to flower. PROBLEM: Today I accidentally bent the stem without breaking it open. I immediately staked her up so that she won't bend again. Do you think she will live?
Wrap a tape or band-aid around it for a few days, it will be fine. really.
im sure she will if it didnt brake all the way, stake her up and put a band aid on the Boo Boo.
Yeah, that's no problem if the stem didn't open up. You should hsave seen what I had to do to my last grow. It was up in the lights and burnin up. I went through and broke all of the tallest stems over and gave them some support so they would lay horizontally, and they kept growin and didn't mis a beat. Some of them even repaired themselves to the point that they stood back up about half way.
That sounds cool Hushpuppy!!!! I keep checking on mine. They're outside and thriving more than they did in my closet. I didn't plant them in the ground and I don't plan on doing that. One of my plants is real bushy and about a foot tall. The one I bent is a 2 footer. I started cutting a lot of the large shade leaves off about 2 or 3 weeks ago, so the inside of the lower growth would receive more light, so if you don't look carefully you can't really see the new growth. It just appears tall and skinny in the pic, but it's generating a lot more growth.
That plant looks a bit stretched out in the picture but it is hard to tell from the size of the picture. I wouldn't recommend trimming a lot of the fan leaves unless you are doing it early in the veg cycle so that it can bush out. If you do trim like that then you will want to veg it for many weeks more to give it time to develop more of the big fan leaves. That is because those big leaves are the sugar factories for the plant. They supply the growth sugars for both the green part of the plant and later, for the buds. As I said, its ok to do that and any topping early on so that the plant has time to develop more branches for bud sites, but you shouldn't trim them at all for a couple weeks before putting them into flower as that will rob energy from the flower making process. As a note, I don't know how tall you intend to grow her but if you don't want her too tall, you can cut the growing top out of her and that will encourage the lower branches to grow more while slowing the main stem growth. I usually try to either top or FIM my plants when they are at 3-4 weeks old so that they have time to make multiple colas before placing them in flower.(this is because I don't grow mine more than 3ft tall if I can help it):) Grow mojo to ya:farm:
Well he has essentialy supercropped it by bending that hard to were it breaks the inside stem. This should start to bush it out some.
Quite right Growdude. I didn't think about the fact that if the plant is bent over, then all of the lower branches will take off growing like the meristem ans should bush it up nicely
Got a little bud at the top of my plant. That's why I don't wanna have to top it. The bud has actually gotten bigger since the main stem bent. Maybe cuz I fixed her up immediately after it bent. Keep in mind that the bend never popped open, so maybe I got lucky.
you need to post it here on this site, i dont know if someone will click that or not, but personally, i wont.
someone needs to XX that hTTp

peace n' the kind,

7GE :)
My bent plant is doing just fine. It's got a big bud at the top and little ones all over.........but I think it's a male :(
I cld tell that was a male with one eye closed and the other one squinted.....more balls there then at a male stripper convention.

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