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baked brownie

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Jun 24, 2005
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i have alot of stemzz i everyone says stem tea doesnt work cuz THC is not water soluable. people also say that THC IS alchohol soluable. If u were to soke the stemz in sumin wid a high alchohol% would it work?
yeah. get like everclear. also let it soak over night for best results, but you really won't get much from stems.
You don't need everclear. I use tequilla.
And you need longer than overnight. Like a week in a warm dark place, agitated daily.
ohhh shit!! really that long? but is it really worth it? the tequilla must fuc u up more than the THC!!
well you can supposedly get some good shit after a few hours, but the longer the better.

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