Ston-loc's quadruple 1st grow

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May 18, 2011
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Posted in the intro, and a few other threads asking questions. Decided to start a journal. Unfortunately, all the pics I've taken so far have been from my cel, and I read thats a no no.
I'll break out the camera and add pics tomorrow. But as of now, I have 2 5 1/2 week old clones, a Sweet Tooth that's doing great, and a GDP that's flowering early. Also just picked up a Lemon OG clone, and an OG kush clone yesterday to get started.
This is my first grow ever, and I'm getting help from a few friends, but any input is much appreciated.
I'll post my girls up tomorrow when I get pics with my real camera.......:cool:
First the 2 5 1/2 week olds, GDP on the left, Sweet Tooth on the right. Then Sweet Tooth. Then GDP. GDP flowering early. Then the 2 new clones I picked up, OG kush, and Lemon OG





Hey hey welcome aboard man!

So are these outside plants? or inside? how is the one flowering early? Is it an auto? Your plants look very nice and healthy thats for sure! my buddy has some GDP he is about to harvest, it looks great hope yours turns out well!

GL !
They are out door plants. The two new clones I'm hardening right now, and bringing in at night still. From what I was told is that i probably started the first 2 outside a little soon, adding crappy weather the first month they were out, could have caused them to start to flower. When I first noticed they were starting to flower, I put them right next to our patio flood lights for a few hours after sunset figuring it couldn't hurt. Well the ST kicked back into veg mode, has a bunch of gnarly looking leaves cause of it, but is growing like crazy. The GDP is still flowering though.
Transplanted the 2 older plants into 5 gallon buckets yesterday. The Sweet Tooth grew over 3"s in a day and a half! This is my first grow, so I'm not sure what to expect, but it's starting to get exciting. Also never mentioned in the beginning. I have them in a mixture of fox farm, earthworm castings, and some added perlite. So far been feeding them Sensi Grow A & B, and a concoction of other additives my buddy mixed up for me. Forget what they were, but 3 or 4 other things.
Little update. Two new plants are outside 24/7 as of 5 days ago. Just transplanted them into 2.5 gallon pots with the same mixture of soil as the older two. No big problems so far other than the early flowering of the first 2. The sweet tooth is growing a lot. The GDP that was still flowering is slowly growing. Cant really tell if its vegging again yet or not, but there's trichs all over the leaves right near the mini buds.
Here's a few current pics. Left to right in pic 1 is ST, GDP, Lemon OG, and OG Kush. Same order for the individual pics. Thanks for Looking :smoke1:





Obviously the lack of responses it aint that interesting. No new news other than still growing. I do have a question though. The GDP that was still flowering, I can't really tell what's going on with it right now. It hasn't grown much lately, the buds aren't really getting bigger either. I just cant tell if/when it's flipping back to vegging. Only newer thing I can see is there's trich's all over the leaves near the buds.
The Sweet tooth is around 30" now, the GDP still at 18", and the 2 smaller clones are growing great with a lot of new growth.
Thanks for looking
Current pic for my records of the timeline.
Left to right, Sweet Tooth, GDP, Lemon OG, and OG Kush

The GDP still totally has me confused. :watchplant:

Who else is getting excited for the next coming months? :) I sure am! Really stoked how my first grow is going!

New Image.JPG
nicd lookin gals. i have a 9ft sweet tooth from barneys farm. it got topped by the dogs when we transplanted it into the ground and is now the biggest thing around. awesome yielder and smell. the taste could be better after it is called sweet tooth
Sweet Tooth has been my latest daytime smoke, so I'm really stoked how well its doing. Hoping for a big yeild. The other thing I've noticed is the really sweet smell from the Lemon OG. Haven't smoked it, but it was the only sativa clone available when I went to get the second 2.
Just out watering them, I took a couple pics. Just posted the previous pic ^^^ recently, but I just think the GDP looks so funny I outlined it in paint cause it kind of blended into the background bushes. That one lone branch on the lower left is the only new lower growth since it kicked back to re-vegging. Then the top is all bushy, haha.
Second pic a closer shot of the OG Kush where you can see all the bud sites. Well, kind of. Cameras battery died so I cel shot (w/no Geotagging ;) )


man ston, those gals are looking mighty fine :D. Green Mojo to ya
FFFFFFFF caterpillars!!!!!!! So my 3 good girls are fine, but the early flowered GDP got chewed up. Couldn't tell because the early flowered buds are so dense around the stalk, but noticed a branch of new growth was dying, so pushed some branches aside to see the entire trunk chewed up. ACTUALLY saw the caterpillar deep in there and tried to squish it. It fell off the branch, so not sure if I succeeded. Really bummed. Hopefully I caught it in time. New growth doesnt look bad aside from the one branch, but the trunk is pretty badly eaten. Will be digging deep to look for the bastard tomorrow.
to me your OG look almost like some bubba. If you can find some hi K kelp and add some carbohydrates(molasses). my OG is much bigger right now and very dense.
opps ment to but on your flowering timeline thread
Holy wow bud! I know I'm late on this thread but NICE!
Seeing that makes me heart get warm thinking about this years outdoor season!
bubba902 said:
Holy wow bud! I know I'm late on this thread but NICE!
Seeing that makes me heart get warm thinking about this years outdoor season!
Thanks bubba. I kind of gave up on this journal but continued through harvest on the link I posted in post #13 if you want to see the end results ;)

Just reread through it myself, and am really excited for a bigger and better season this year with the knowledge I learned last year.

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