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Jan 31, 2011
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Hey everyone. I just got a call from a friend of mine who had several quarters of my smoke I harvested on July 1st.. He told me in the very last bud of his bag he was breaking up the last bud and low and behold he found a undevelooped seed. Now.. I was all around these 2 plants for 4 months.. in the room several times a day and never once saw anything that looked like a hermaphrodite. but ofcourse it was my first grow and one must have slipped by.. I got 3 onuces from 2 plants and harvested when the triches were mostly cloudy.. All of the people or friends who tryed this weed said it was bomb and a very heady.. speedy high.. verses couchlock.. the smell was sweet danky earthy with fruityness to it.. Can early hermies be hard to detect in the early stages or something? cuz I sure wouldnt want this to happen again.. Thanks Hero
IMO It could not have been a early hermie or you would have made mature seeds the seeds take 4 weeks to devolop right. It being underdevoloped means it was inpregnated it the last couple weeks before harvest.
Well . I guess you have to be right.. I looked at all the buds on a regular basis.. I mean.. wouldnt I have seen balls? pollen sacks to be correct? I find it strange, I never noticed anything unusal.. even trimming ect you would think I should have seen something. I doubt my friend is lieing. I mean. I have known him for many years.. unless he was hallucinating.. well.. It had to be burried under all the hairs and leaves then I suppose.. K Thanks and guess I need to keep a better eye out.. Hero
Its possible that what yer friend saw was not an undeveloped seed since yu said others had smoked it as well and only one person found this "seed". Maybe what he thought was an undeveloped seed was actually just an unusually swolen calyx...I had some plants hermie on me but never saw cod sacks, but had these little yellow bananna looking things that if yu look at some charts yu see they are anthers that are the pollen producers. But I had them everywhere and they weren't hard to see. So I doubt yu had any hermie or errant pollination since it was only that one questionable sighting.
I hope so.. I mean I am not loseing sleep over it but at the same time wouldnt want it happening again.. especially if I couldnt even notice it.. Thanks for the input.. Hero

imagine the difficulty in finding only ONE of those lil yaller nanners in a room full of buds. ;)
hero4u2b said:
Well . I guess you have to be right.. I looked at all the buds on a regular basis.. I mean.. wouldnt I have seen balls? pollen sacks to be correct?

No, you might not have seen it. A nanner can develop deep in a bud where it is totally out of sight.
K well I need to keep an eye out.. Thought I did but o well.. The smoke is still unbelieveably good and now I cant wait until this damn hurricane season is mostly passed here in the south of florida so all threats of electricity loss is minumil. Sorry cant spell anymore. lol Thanks Hero
I would not be too concerned over 1 small stray seed. In the summer months, it certainly could be stray pollen from someone's outdoor grow.

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