SubGirl’s grow with new Spider Farmer SF-2000 light

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Ya I did taste test and it taste earthy and a nice sticky bud. Buzzy is mellow. Can't wait until they are all in jars and curing. I'll be taking my computer in Tue for a checkup. I can't upload any picture either that or downloading so I couldn't update my thread to show picture of the white hairs on buds at 13 wks of flowering. I like my trich mostly amber.
How much amber do you have Ness any?
I bought the ac infinity one. It does work well. I'm not going to have patience to trim 3 or 4 lbs a harvest. I tried wet and dry trimming with it. Does both very well but if you put them in semi wet it doesn't work quire as well. So use these on fresh cut buds or super dry ones.
I don’t usually have 3-4 lbs at harvest. But maybe I would have considered their free offer if I did grow more…
Not yet brother hippie, I’m hoping to get the bait out tomorrow. I couldn’t find my para cord so I’ve got a friend bring some over for me… if I am successful, there will be pictures

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