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Aug 17, 2005
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has any one else ever used Super Thrive on their plants? I know it works wonders on everything else. It isnt fertilizer it is vitamins and hormones and other bio usables. I want to use it but am nervous because I am flowering and dont want to take any unnessacary risks. It also says it is great for flowering and hydroponics too! Any help would be appriceated, thanks!
I don't use superthrive because it contains hormones they refuse to identify. I prefer NOT to smoke unidentified hormones thanks just the same.

I use Thrive Alive. It indentifies all ingredients, works just as well as Super Thrive, and is cheaper.

Btw, both products are mainly horticultural vitamin B-1.
i use super thrive a drop a gallon it doesnt matter ifyour in flower or not its all the same use it to get a great crop.
Super Thrive is Super Fly, although I have not used it. My buddy does.

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