switching to 250w HPS

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Jan 23, 2006
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Sup guys and gals. I'm currently on my 21st day of flowering using floros. My 250w hps just arrrived and I was wondering if it would be worth it to switch to the HPS in the middle of flowering. Will my yeild be way higher or in different because of the stage of flowering already? thanks--
Light, Light, and more light. hell yeah put that puppy on. it will be worth it. Even this far into flowering. Can't hurt only help.
Thanks mutt. I should be able to grow 4 plants and yield 5-6 ounces from each using a 250w HPS?
reposition your florous in with it. 4 plants 400w would have been perfect, but the 250 is a very good step-up from florous. Utilize those florous to get the spots the HPS isn't reaching really well.

If this is your first grow, I would say 1 oz. per plant max cured. That is what I tell all first growers so there expectations aren't so high.;) You never know though, your socks could still be blown off. :)

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