The high cost of low living...

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Jan 31, 2011
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Just a lil info for all the new growers who plan on growing with CFL's. I had been urged by most people in this forum to go out and buy a HID/HPS grow light and ordered over 700 hundred dollars worth of stuff from HTG. Well I returned that stuff. tent ect.. Was going to quit this crazy idea of growing weed.. Well I had 2 plants still alive and didnt want to kill them so I just kept buying more CFL's, The first 8 wernt bad , like $ 60.00 plus shipping from HTG,,, ( not counting reflectors.. cords. electrical parts. sockets) Then as my plants got bigger I had to do something..light wasnt reaching down to the lower branchs and new shoots So I found a local store that had the 6500ks 42 watters at $17.00 a piece.. So I went and got 4 more.. Next I needed those round. clamp on reflectors which home depot has for like $8.00.... 4 please..(another $32.00 plus tax). Now its been 2 months my plants have showed sex. alternating nodes and I am flipping the lights today.. Well back to the lightbulb unlimited store now I need 12- 42 watters with a 2700k please. Thats another $180.00 ( more or less) I will def utilize these bulbs in the next grow for veg but I really could have just as inexspensivlly ordered a HID/HPS and saved a few bucks.. no ? :angrywife: Hero
Yeah hindsight sucks....this is not a cheap can get expensive quick.
Luckily most of that is just setup costs....then it is a matter of just replacing bulbs and getting more nutrients.
I feel your pain hero. The good news is like Hamster said, once your initial investment is done, it gets better. i would not have been able to throw away your plants either. Did it take two months to sex your plants?
Like Rosebud, I too feel your pain Hero.
When I first started out, I worked out costs on what I thought I would need, including partitioning off an area in a bedroom etc. Of course, since then I have changed everything. From the hydro method I use, containers, timers, lights, extraction, etc, etc.
Yes, As Hammy said, it can get expensive and all consuming but one toke on that precious herb and all the pain is forgotten.
Even better is when you meet an old frind, get talking and discover they are paying as much as £10 per g for dry big bud! It makes it all seem soooo worthwhile.
Keep on growing my friend, make your investment count and dont forget, you will miss it when you stop.
Peace. W
Thanks everyone,, The last 2700k bulbs didnt cost me but $100 and something so I saved a bit.. My fan arrived today from HTG as well and now I have to do a little rough in thru wall duct work. lol.. I wasnt really bitching.. My plants are beautifull . healthy ect Also my bro from up north just sent me 3 pinapple chunk seeds from barneys farm as well as 2 freebies so I look forword to the next grow.. I just hope I dont ever get busted.. Thats my only worry to be honest..not that I would do prison or even county jail time for a few plants but the laywers. fines, suspension of drivers license for 2 years.. would kill me.. Its a mandatory thing in Florida where if u catch a drug charge. mandatory 2 year suspension on the DL.. Anyways my paranoias creeping in g2g.. Thanks again. Hero
I found the value of HPS lighting years ago when I gutted a 150w yard light for a closet grow before I knew anything about anything. When I decided to get serious I knew there was no substitute for adequate lighting. I started with a 400w hps, bought used. I sold it before I ever even fired it up and used the 1kw hps I inherited (literally, sad story) from my little bro.
I feel your pain too!,, but don't understand why you pay so much money for cfls?? I use hps now but did the cfl thing at first just like so many of us. I seen 2 ea packs of 23w @ 2700k at the dollar store! thats 50cents a piece. Get a bunch of 2$ Ys @ home depot and just hang a tree of lights over and around the plants and you don't need the reflectors with the tree you build you can actually wrap the plant with them, Very cheap and just like you can do the entire cycle on hps you can with 2700k cfls too. You really don't need to spend so much and I promise you that they will Veg and Flower well under 2700k cheap cfls.

OHH I just saw you got them for a dollar a piece the 2700ks, much better!! good luck! and dont worry no one is trying to bust a couple plant closet grow! even if some one reported you they still wouldn't even come to your place! no huge increase in elect or traffic, you would only get busted if you showed them to the police your self and gave them NO Choice! lol so just keep your lips zipped and you will be fine! have fun, growing is Fun and does pay off!
Thanks everyone. you guys are the best. Hero
There is a 400W HPS with a digi ballast and a cooltube on Amazon for $145 with free shipping. Hard to beat that deal.
I feel ya!:eek: My partner and I have a "grow lab" that keeps morphing into something new and more expensive as we find new things and methods. He comes to me and says "Oh man we GOT to try it this way! It shouldn't cost more than a FEW hundred dollars to change over!" We lost track of how much long about $4k. But when ya walk in and see those girls reachin up at ya like youngins and then a friend says, "man I don't know where yer gettin this gangster from but yu GOT to get me some more!!":D :D :D :D
I know Hempgodess.. The next grow I will have a 600 possibly a 1000 watt.. The thing is a already have this micky mouse set up. ( and somewhat worried about heat from a HPS). The plants are fine. today the lights are set to go off at 4 pm for the first time in 2 months until 4 am. Thats when I wake up each morning.. I already have big plans.. Just waiting to see how these girls turn out ect.. Here is the last day of veg.. Thanks everyone. I couldnt of done it without you all. . Hero

last veg day 001.jpg

last veg day 003.jpg

last veg day 005.jpg
They are going to be huge bro. Any height issues in your setup ?
Well I can get my lights up to about 6 foot... after that its cieling.. Thanks Hero
I know- I just hope they dont get too big.. Hero
i hope you dont run out of room,there gonna be huge, keep us posted
It's like playing guts poker--after a few mediocre-to-bad hands, you can't afford to quit. But winning that big pot (pun intended), it feels real nice and justified. Think it's bad now, just wait till you have to pop for a $1000 AC system.
lol hope that dont happen.. I didnt mean to let them get so big.. it just kind of happend and really didnt show sex till like 2 weeks ago.. Well I cant top them at this point..I don't know what I will do.. The hieght of the closet is like 6 or 7 feet.. I can prolly hang my lights at 6 foot but damn think of all the CLFS I would need. lol Thanks Hero
Topping at two weeks into flower won't be as stressfull as burning the tops later on when in full flower. I always top and lollipop till 2 weeks in flower and no one seems to mind.
Hero I wld bend those girls over and show them what's up.....:holysheep:

You wld be surprised how quick they can dbl in flower..

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