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@boo - When Ivan grows up and gets a job:

I feel like it today. My Wife was sick last night from a sour stomach. My dog woke me up at 12:30 needing to go out for some fking reason. My Ring alarm went off several times from some kinda fking glitch. So yeah im a tried fker.
Little Johnny got his first job as a Walmart greeter.

Two hours into his first day on the Job an overweight

woman & two screaming children walk into the store.

Hearing her swearing at the kids, little Johnny says

Good morning & welcome to Walmart, what nice

children you have there, are they twins?

The mother answered, "hell no they aint twins, one

is 9 years old & the other is & 7 years old". Why

would you think they were twins "are you blind or

just stupid".

Little Johnny replied " I am neither blind or Stupid,I

just couldn't believe someone slept with you twice!

Have a nice day!
That's a fir torpedo just waiting for the mayhem command.
@Hippie420... Well slap the dog and spit in the fire......Hippie is back from assignment. Good to have you back my friend. Hope you are doing well. No more vacation time for you. You have been missed.
I am all outa breath, both from exhaustion and from HAPPY 🥰😍😀

My new crossbow target arrived! I no longer have to hammer the bolt/arrows out. They pull out easily. But that is not the Big Story.

I got crazy-bold and set up the target at 50 yards instead of 30. My first shot at the new target: NAILED the "9-ball" right on the number 9!

Note how the bolt/arrow is NOT fletch-deep, YAY!.


I had been worried that I might not hit the dang target at all, since my longest shot with my new crossbow to date was 30 yards. So I got froggy and set the distance to 75 yards (225 feet). Used a different side of the target. It is a life-sized picture of the "Boiler Room" of a deer (you can see the white belly, legs, and neck portions). This is what happened:


Then I got sooper froggy, and tried free-standing without my homemade shooting sticks at 75 yards... all the while puffing and panting like an 82-year old geezer running back and forth (fargin target weighs about 40 pounds, and re-re-re-reloading the crossbow is not something you do a lot of before you go out hunting. (*shaky-wheezy*)

Nevertheless fired (*pant, wheeze, puf*) three times freestanding. ALL THREE shots were in the Boiler Room at 75 yards!!


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