This light look ok?

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everytime i try and make a link to the light on home depot it takes you to the wrong page
means you got wire a replacment chord to it. Hardwired means your supposed to hardwire it to the wires and by-pass a plug. thats all.

you can even gut em and make a remote ballast outa those floods. just read up first.
Mutt i have no idea how to do whatever your talking about
Alright, heres what. forget the remote ballast thing. lets not get electrocuted. (you need to know wiring for that).

Most floods whether they are HPS, Halogen, MH, or what ever. they come so they are hung way up with a sensor built on so it turns on and off by itself or come without a sensor so you can hit a switch in the garage or something and it will come on and off.

You want the one without a sensor. well. when you pull it out of the box. there is no plug for it. So you have to wire one on. Go to home depot. tell em you need a really bright flood HPS, but needs to have a plug on it. ;) . he'll hook you up from there. tell you what you need and get you everything.
Ask for replacment plug and wire nuts. then ask him for advice on wiring it and you just want to make sure on the wiring. ;)

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