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Apr 4, 2005
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Anyone here uses tiger bloom? I just wonder how much should I use per gallon?
Hi Bizzy.

I use Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom together, but I'm a biased Foxfarm guy. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and you'll be good to go.
Why do you use Big bloom with it? aren't they the same thing? Max
Well, I've been told that the big bloom is a somewhat weak solution. And that plants respond better to the combination of big and tiger bloom. I've noticed that buds do seem to thrive with the combination. Tiger bloom has a bit more nitrogen in it. However, according to GanjaGuru, it's not such a good idea to OD on nitrogen in the flowering stage.

I am 4 weeks of 12/12 with my single female and the buds are quite large and dense for only four weeks. Not positive it has to do with tiger/big combo, but a friend of mine used just big bloom and noticed that the results weren't as good as they were when he used the combo later.

Dunno for certain, Biz. Could be a scam to sell more Foxfarm stuff. Basically, I use the big bloom with every watering and throw in a little tiger with every other watering. So far, so great. Still another month to go and at this rate, I'm going to have an incredible yield.
every watering? how much nutrient you mix each gallon? Thats a picture of my ww plant at 4weeks flowering kinda small I think.
Yeah Biz. That looks great for 1 month. Yer doin' just fine. Mine look about the same. Not quite as nice, actually. (But the plant itself is a little smaller) I do think my yield will be pretty good given the size of the plant.

Gotta post some pics.
I flower the widow when it was about 6-7inches now it's little over a feet.
how do you tell when they are ready for harvest? some say the pistuals turn brown about half way down the buds, you hate to clip one and try it, because they arn't flushed and it slows the growth of the plant. ANY IDEAS.... THANKS NORTHERN LADY

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