time limit to move male away from female?

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Aug 11, 2005
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i had a depressing post earlier today . about me thinking i had 2 females all this time . and 1 had just started to get balls in last 3 days or so . but it is rt beside my female plant within 3 feet. how long can i wait befor i pull it so it wont pollenate my female ? ty for replies
skunk there is no time limit, if you don't need the male just remove it right there unless you want to pollinate your female for seeds.
"chop-chop" dingy mao!
ok guys i pulled it up last night . i washed the roots and brought the 8 foot beast in my house got on internet had my 500 watt light on trying to get situated to take pic of it with my web cam . then all the sudden my old lady came in there and yelled at me to get off internet rt now her sister was gonna call her back from mississippi so i knew the importance of the matter being in the hurricane and all so i got off internet . then i layed plant in bed with me and started pulling leaves and pinching them little sacs and putting them in coffee can for 3 hours . i was kind of upset because that was my only time to take pic of it . owell maybe this fall when i pull my female ill show it to you all . but male was alot bushier and bigger root base than the female . but any how i didnt need chain saw i just pulled it up the ground was still saturated from the rains .

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