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Jan 17, 2011
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As most know, I can get somewhat long winded. I'll try to keep that down.

I've been working hard for weeks getting the garage ready for this grow. I'll try to throw up some pics of the construction as this thread progresses if there's time for it.

I might have bitten off more than I can chew here, but this could get interesting. Without further delay, here's the lineup:
Larry from Cali connection (2)
LA confidential x AK48 (2) gift from a friend
satori from mandala (2)
Cataract kush from DNA (2)
Lemon fuse from Gage green (2)
Rockster's cheese #1 by kaliman (2) thanks again rockster!!
C99 bx1 from mosca (2)
Osiris from pyramid (1)
Redrock from LSC (2) finally popping these Colin and Sharon!
Sinister kush from TCVG (2) (also known by another name that can't be typed here)
Super silver haze from mr nice (2)
OG graze from eugenics (2)
Burmese kush from TH (1)
Blue widow from Dinafem (1)
Klondike from LSC (2)
Darkstar from TH (2)
New blue diesel from sannie (2)
Bourbon street from LSC (2)
Soas from TCVG (2) - can't type that one out either
Lemon stomper from Gage green (2)
Headband from reserva privada (2)
Indigo (2) gift from a friend
Chemdawg x true blue berry from knutsel (opengrow) (2)
Gage green mix bag (3)

There is a method to my madness and reasoning behind starting so many plants...I'll get to that eventually. For now, I have more meetings to attend so I can eventually go home tonight. I'll also provide some background info on strains that might not be known by some.
Haha, i'm first ! You know i'm in for the grow show. If you can pull it off you are gunna have soooooo much weed. Are ya going soil or hydro for this run?

I am bringing in my wheel for this one....:)
I hope you can keep them all straight and remember which is which :D cant wait for pics of your setup
AluminumMonster said:
Haha, i'm first ! You know i'm in for the grow show. If you can pull it off you are gunna have soooooo much weed. Are ya going soil or hydro for this run?

I think you had previous knowledge of this, but I'll still allow it. I just cleaned the bong and put out a couple ounces from the last grow, so spark it up and pass it around. Welcome AM!! All soil, and if things are ready in time, NC's super soil will make an appearance.

Hamster Lewis said:
I am bringing in my wheel for this one....:)

hammy, welcome!! I saved ya a spot right by the two Larry plants so you don't have to go far if I have any questions.

Roddy said:
WOW!!!!!! Will be watching!

Roddy, I still think that all the time. Welcome bro.

Rosebud said:
The thought of this grow makes me anxious. LOL. Wow.

You, me and my wife. Things are as stealth as they can get. I can leave my garage door open 24 hours a day, and you'd never see, smell or even think I was growing mega dank in here. I'll break it down soon. And the reasons.

MosesPMG said:
I hope you can keep them all straight and remember which is which :D cant wait for pics of your setup

Moses my man, my numbering system is very complex. I took a 72 jiffy starter kit from walmart and took out 24 of them. From there, I numbered each slot from 1 to 48, and in my note pad, I did the same, so it goes:
Larry #1 is #1
Larry #2 is #2
And so on down the list. Lol. It was the easiest way I knew how.

I'll get to the story next post. I've had a long night and I've got the good twin being horrible the past few days only at bed time. He just won't seem to go to bed without a big fight.
Great selection and can't wait to see this up and running with pictures.
I agree with whomever said how you were going to keep track of so many...
To me it seems enough for a whole city to grow...
Larry will treat ya right...any questions just ask. She is easy to grow....enough light, feed and love and she will make ya happy.
You'll love the SOAS I have a pheno the a GF calls horny weed.

green Mojo for the grow
Welcome dr., gixxer, Ozzy!!

Ozzy, based on your post, it seems I've made a mistake in my planning. I should give TCVG a holler and start 48 of the SOAS and go pheno hunting!!

Brief update: all beans were placed in the jiffy starter kit on 4/24/2011 at 1700. This morning, 31 of them have cracked and were moved to solo cups. Most of them seemed to have popped out of the pellets and were growing on top of them instead of inside them, so I put them in FF light warrior. So far, no mix up on the numbering system.

Grow consists of 2 flower cabinets, between 16 and 22 spots per flower cabinet, each flower cab is power by 600 watts. I've got 2 cloning areas with between 16 and 22 spots and another veg cabinet with the same amount. All these numbers depend on pot size and I'll be using a combination of 1 and 2 gallon pots. Some will be smart pots, some will be cheapos from wally world. Cloning areas are powered by T5's, and the big veg unit by a 600 watter.

My tent that was used during my last grow is the home to all plants right now, and I'm lighting that with cfl's at the moment. Once all plants are out of the ground and strong enough, the tent will be sporting a surprise to veg them out: LED lights. I'll post up all the info once the lights are up, and I'll also post pics then.

After a couple weeks under the LED's, theyll be transplant to their final resting pots and moved to the other three cabinets, where they'll flower out.
Whoa. Double check and recheck numbers. No getting baked before serious cloning session. It's will really piss you off if you have to reveg cause a missed keeper. The only bottled nutrient that I have seen work across the board for 20 plus strain grows is H&G Aqua Flakes. I used to use it. But if you get the mix done, they will all thrive in it. Any that burn, will not stop growing. They will just show it a little, bounce out of it with no stoppage. GL
Thats a good way to keep em straight mate :aok: now for some pics
Good luck with this multiple strain grow. Big job ahead of you if you run into having to take care of many of them in different ways. Hell of a lot for one guy to handle. Could give you some grey hair by harvest time. Make sure we see some nice photos...should be a beautifulllllllllll garden. Thanks, Sharon, L.S.C.
I have a strict no smoking policy when working on the grow this time around. I'll look into the aqua flakes, but I'm hoping your mix is ready in time. I had some trouble getting a few ingredients and my timing was pushed off waiing for a few things.

Thanks for stopping in Sharon! I've already got a start on the grey hair, so it should be alright.

So here's the story why I'm growing so many plants, and such a diverse selection. My father in law is dying. Pretty rapidly. When we lived close by wah other, we used to smoke together. It was bonding time for us, time away from the women and kids. Time passed where we weren't talking to each other and that's not important. He's having serious issues with his health from the cancer, and it's to the point where they won't even do chemo. He's got tumors on his optic nerve, on his brain and either kidney or liver and surrounding lymph nodes. He's taking morphine 3 times a day and popping loratabs all day long to help with pain.

On our last visit I brought him about half of my black nightmare yield and a couple ounces of blue mystic. Both help with the pain, but not completely or not enough. He tried paying for the meds, but I wouldn't take it. I tried telling him it was donated by a friend, but then they wanted to pay the friend, so I came out and told him about me growing and how I wanted my next grow to be used looking for something to help him out the rest of his days. Also, he's never seen it actually growing, so it's sort of a bucket lost item for him; to walk through a field of dank. Because of where we live, an outdoor grow is out of the question, and this was the next best idea.

I'll be making the 4 hour drive this weekend to pick him and his wife up and move them into our house for at least the duration of the grow. He's got moments of lucidity, but for the most part, dementia has completely set in. The wife and I have discussed in great depth the fact that he might not make it through the whole grow. All we know is that we actually see him, or a part of him, when he sees a plant, so we are going to give him plenty to smile about and hopefully smoke before his time passes.
I'm so sorry TKR. Its so hard to watch someone you're close to, slowly leave you. My grandfather was a similar story, it took almost 3 years for him to suffocate to death. i still have a hard time thinking about it. You and your family are in my prayers my friend.
Hey Ranger,

You are a 'real' person there. That is definitely one of the best, most considerate things I've heard a person do for another... Sorry to hear about the situation, although it can be one filled with much happiness and I am sure it will be. Thank you for it's nice to know people like you still exist out there. Take care and good luck.

I won't be going anywhere though but watching this closely...:chuck:
Hey KR,
Helping your father-in-law leave this world is a final gift. There is a hospice book called Final Gifts. if you can get it, do.:heart: :heart: :heart:
Already post this in other threat ... You are doing good.
Keep up and be strong ... Because of the ilness and the quantity of strains to manage ;).

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