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Jan 6, 2006
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This is Mutt. I wondered over here from another post site after it too big and a little too stuck up for me. I am very humble and like to help others out on there first grow more than anything. They can learn about Hydro, aeroponics and stuff on there own. I know for most newbies any grow guide can be confusing with that much information and I like to tell them the basics in B/W and cheap.

Well, about me. I am on my 3RD indoor grow. I was outdoor for years. I got married and didn't like the risk involoved with outdoor grows. I only did bagseed then.

Well, my first indoor bagseed grow. That was a whole different way of growing to me. I had overnute, under light, rootbound, bugs, and mold. I am suprised she made it and yeilded a 1/2 oz. My freind said it some of the nastiest bud he had ever smoked, but it got him high. (before I learned to flush 2 weeks prior). I still proud of it.

My second grow I grew a couple of Sativa outdoor mix from Nirvana seeds. I forced flowered and returned to veg. and cloned the heck out of it for a close freind as an outdoor grow. He got freaked when they hit about 10 foot. He harvested too early and didn't top them to hide that pot plant look. It was still smokable though.

My current grow is NL from planetskunk in my veg box with florous. I am in flowering to sex 3 of the plants (week 4 from sprout). I am returning it back to veg. and am currently constructing a flower area in my attic w/ temp controlled intake and exhaust through a carbon scrubber out my attic vent w/ a 400W HPS. I am studying up on aeroponics. Hydroponics I have experience in with non-MJ stuff, but plan on it in the future.

well, that is my post for Mother Earth.
ROFLMAO @ frist indoor grow. Hey we all must learn after trial and error, right? I believe we all appreciate your "humbleness" on this forum. It does not matter if you are starting your first grow or your 100th...we can all use advice. Different advice from different people makes it sooo much easier. For example, you told me to flush 2 weeks before harvest. I never would have dreamed of doing that! Now I will have mild bud! I do love it here. It is addicting, but then agian have an addictive personality. :p Thankyou for posting this for me as I asked. I love to hear sucess stories.

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