Top Leaves Curling Slightly Yellowing Edges

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Nov 15, 2009
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Greetings. I would like to start by saying that I have been searching thru MP and other resources regarding this problem. I have the whole setup needed, using Flora Grow, PH around 6-6.5, sand and potting soil mix.
Lighting not too close for heat damage. Proper ventilation, with a seperate fan for stem strenthening. *The best source of the problem I could find was a nitrogen shortage. Shouldn't be nute burn or overwatering IMHO. (Been growing about 6+ weeks w/24-7 lighting)
Think the seeds are Big Bud from Amsterdam (had a helluva time getting the seeds to germinate, 4 of 10) free seeds included did nothing. Tried soaked in water and direct planting. This is my second grow with the present setup...1st was OK grow. Thanks in advance for you help!! Flip
(also, been using two capfuls of Flora Grow per gallon of water)
The best way to get this resolved would be to take a picture and post it here so the experts (not me) can have a look. It almost sounds like underwatering rather than overwatering tho. I wouldn't think a nitrogen shortage as that would show up first in the lower leaves while the upper leaves remain strong. What kind of light are yu using, how big is yer grow pot, how often do yu water? As far as germing seeds, my partner puts seeds between two very wet brown paper towels and puts them in a 1gal freezer bag and puts them in a warm dark place for about a week. Has real good results.
Without pics it hard to help.. try comparing your leaves to the leak def chart in my sig.
Well, without the pictures it's only a guessing game. My guess: It might be heat stress (top leaves), or perhaps nutrient burn.

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