Transplant shock

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Mar 31, 2011
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Okay I just transplanted this its shocked I know but do you think it can recover from this?

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The soil looks as though you tamped it down. You shouldn't do that when transplanting, except very, very softly. It breaks roots.

Keep it *moist* and lower than normal light on it for a day or two. It'll perk right back up.

Good luck!

Keep us all posted on its progress!
maybe a lil heat stress too. Ive never had leaves taco like that from transplanting.
yea they were already tacos hahah yea i gues itts getting hot in there it looks like its perking a bit its still not fully recovered but everytime i look it looks a little better I really think watering it in helped **** i was so freaked i thought i was going to have to pop a seroquel early rx meds just aint dope though wish i had some
just water it, move light farther away and dont touch her! lol its a weed itll survive

next time ull start the seed in its intended pot right :confused:

good luck

Transplanting isn't going to hurt your plant as log as you do it right, and carefully...I transplant almost all of mine, more than once! Did you water the soil well before placing the plant in...dry soil on roots could cause this. Was the gal's roots really screwed with...I mean really because I rip at any that are balled up when transplanting and it doesn't hurt them at all, I've never had a plant look like this after transplant. Maybe the soil has nutes in it and the roots didn't like this...there are many reasons for the plant to do this after transplanting, but transplanting isn't something to fear.

On the water thought, are you watering your plant thoroughly, then letting dry out to nearly bone dry before watering? Seems the plant went dry quite fast (if this was the second problem) after you watered it!
I agree Roddy. I dont see droopage like that when I transplant. It could be something more.
I have never had a problem with transplanting....I gotta agree it looks like there might be more to this story. Not a happy looking campernat all.
like i said it was looking fine this morning it was droopy again waiting to see if it perks up i think this one might be off to the morgue. My other looks like its doing okay its "claw" like leaves have straightened out and it looks like the next sets of leaves are growing. The droopy lost some of its rootball in the transplant. I messed up..
Okay well losing part of the root ball makes more sense....I cld see the lil bugger being shocked then. I think it will still pull through for you....have faith.
im praying for her my other one looks happy on the bright side. im pretty sure shes a she too showing hairs
It'll recover if you don't mess with it any more, keep the pH right and water it correctly with plenty of light.

They don't look very bad. I've had worse survive.
yea i showed some pics to some people she looks young but shes like four weeks (dont laugh) i didnt move them from their cups im new to all of this
Wow bro....that lil thing is 4 weeks from seed? It has had a rough life I guess...I am not too sure you are seeing hairs if it is only 4 weeks old and that small. I wld think it might be a bit behind....kinda developmentally delayed.... Looks like it was at sea on an ocean of bad PH....what are you using to check the ph of your water and feed?

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