tryin to quit

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Jun 7, 2011
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hi, yes Im tryin to minimize kissin my bong instead will try to grow all d seeds that I saved yehaa hope they survive coz its my 1st time to plant, need some advice on what to do 1st.. thanks
:welcome: The 1st thing you should do is read all the stickies on the site. Then study everything you can get your hands on. Study until you can't study any more. Then you will be ready. Good luck!
Do you have a place for these seeds that are in papertowels now? They can pop in 24 hours or so.
Another success story in the making..........not.:p

Try not to put the cart before the horse aBroham.....

Welcome to MP....
Welcome to the site. It's the real deal. Also for new growers I always recommend Jorge C's medical marijuana indoor outdoor bible via amazon dot com. Research as much as you can, it will pay off ten fold.
:welcome: chongkeng. id say to keep the paper towel wet/ moist throw it in a zip lock baggy. temps should be 75- 80degs. b4 you get started, get everything ready. then crack seeds. i hope all works for you and dont forget to read. i read everything i can re. cannabis growing 2 hrs a day. ask questions, and have fun with it:) :chuck:

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