Using SUR GEL?

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If you drink the mix more than two hours before the test but follow the rest of the directions, will it still work? If it won't do you have any specific cleansing products that you recommend because I have a test in about 7 days and at the time of the test I wouldn't have smoked for 9 days, if that matters.
Yeah I didn't see the second page of replies until after I posted this thread. Sorry.
wondering is it just jello from the box? does it have to be a certain flavor? or a certain brand..
sur gel is in the same aisle as jello. Its what they use to make homemade jello. but Jello brand works also, any flavor will do.
sorry I havent been on in soo long but when I told my friends about after I used it and it worked he miss understood me and used jello and it worked me myself have never used jello but I no if you follow my directions it will work

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