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Apr 2, 2011
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I live in Denver CO and want to order from The attitude seed bank. Is it safe to mail to my house? I do have my MMJ red card. Has any one else bought seeds from there? Any help would be great.
I have bought from them but am in the UK. We have no 420 or legalisation here but I buy from them, choosing the stealth shipping option.
I know a lot of the guys buy seeds from the tude without too many problems.
Green mojo on its way. W
Just about all of us have ordered from Attitudes with no problems. I don't recommend having seeds sent to you grow location have then send to a safe addy, remember seeds are illegal on the Federal level so away platy it safe just incase.
The attitude is perfectly safe....I have ordered from there countless times and although ozzy makes a great point I have them sent to my house. I feel like THG does...that ordering seeds is pretty much the safest part of the whole thing. I wld rather not have them sent to someone else's house so I don't have to answer any stupid questions regarding what is in the pkg and why I cldnt have it sent to my house.

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