Wanted to share something special, Pink & Purple....

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Midnight Toker

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Dec 24, 2007
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So i got a few seeds of a very good strain from a buddy and what do you know, one turns out to have all pink and purple hairs and is growing purple leaves and colorful trichromes. I grow indoor under CFL and heard this is almost one in a million. Smells like potent purps and is getting reallllly sticky, btw its in about week 3 of flowering. :)





Those are pretty buds, a little airy but for for only 3 wks of flower that aint bad. They should really be somethin in another 3-5 wks when they are peak. How many watts cfl they under? Yu using 2700k bulbs or full spectrum?
:yay::yay: looking very pretty, green mojo to ya
There under 8 100 watters and 6 75&50 watters, mixed spectrum...it was always a runt but now catching up...the others 5 weeks and popcorn nugs the size of your fists and getting as long as bannanas haha...Itll catch up :)
cool. any particular reason yu use cfl over T5 or HID?
Heres an example of the other at about 3 weeks.....the flash glistens off the resin....and its STICKY! Lemon G13x Apollo 11

and thats just the lower part...ill post pics of the upper colas tomorrow ;)



There cooler, cheaper, are great in mixed spectrums, have AMAZING results and everything ive grown has been one hitter quitter. ive been breeding my seeds for 6 years under CFLs and have a super method i came up with and pretty much perfected the 12/12 method with a few twists of my own and with the organic brews and nutes i use Im 100% satisified and am getting better results then with my MH and HPS....Ill post pics of some past plants, youll drop your jaw...
Hi MT. The girls are looking good bud.

I gotta be honest here man.... There is no way you can say cfls run cooler, or cheaper... facts are facts and we have them. Now i'm not saying they dont work and if its what you prefer thats fine, but they are no where near as efficiant as h.i.d.. You are using over 1200w in your garden, how many lumens per sq foot are you working with? I run 2 600w hps in a 4x4 room, and that breaks down to 11,875 lumens per sq foot. Basic math tells us that cfls are not even gunna come close to h.i.d..
Hey MT fellow CFL guy here, Tell me about your bulbs, you say 8 100 watters are they actual 100s or are they 23? Just becuase they say 100 eqivalent dosnt mean they put out 100 watts. They look like 23 watters to me. I run 6 65w bulbs in a 2x2x6 space that gives me 23600 lumens, 5900 per square foot. The members here are gonna give you crap about your CFLs just dont argue facts with them, they work great, but HPS is better.
Hushpuppy said:
cool. any particular reason yu use cfl over T5 or HID?

I wldnt flower under a T5.....great for veg though. Agree an HPS wld be better but you can get by with enough CFL's....they don't run cooler or are cheaper to run then an HPS though. That seems to be popular CFL myths....
MT... Those colors are amazing...And your garden looks great.
And dont worry...you wont catch any static from me on your CFLs as I grow with 8 or 10 26W bulbs as well... I will deffinately stick around to see this one finish. Keep us updated.

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