Water on Leafs

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Aloha from Hell
Jan 14, 2011
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Hi MJers,

I have notice that some leafs have water ( like transpiration ) when i check them at usually 10 hours of light schedule ( of 12 ).

Is this normal ? Not all of them have it just some. The RH are between 55-70%.
What you are witnessing is transpiration, which is the passing of water vapor through the stomata.

No worries!
Those are fairy's tears where they bless the lovely plants. To me they mean the plants are happy and their needs are being met.:aok:good job
This is a problem.

Transpiration on the leaves tells me you do not have enough ventilation between the canopy. When buds form you may see mold and mildew. Get a fan to move the leaves and keep them from sitting on top of eachother

That is true ... I can see the transpiration only where the leafs touch each other ... I have a fan but wasn't set for the canopy. Now it is. And also will remove males this weekend so it will not be overcrowded.

No prob :)
AND get a digital wireless thermometer and hygrometer. 25$ at homedepot and will save your entire summer grow should a vent fan or AC fail and you are remotely watching your temps and humidity.
Don't have homedepot here ;) but i have one of those inside the tent ...


That is enough right ? Perhaps i need one those soil termomether like yours BBQ to check soil temps ...
see the problem with those is you need to open the room to read it, meaning you change the enviornment to check on it never getting a true reading.

I have 3 wireless ones made by "Accurite" i love em. Place the sensor hanging from the hood at canopy height. You get a true humidity and heat assessment underthe heat source and in the middle of the humid canopy.

I bet if ur transpiring without fans your canopy humidity is near 100% while your door is 50%.
thanks for sharing :D going to check them out ( if available here ) or similar

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