Weed cigars

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is it possible to take a big dried weed leaf and roll it like a cigar and smoke it?
Sure, it's possible. You might even get a slight buzz, but the bud is what packs a wallop.
The BIG mother fuckers.

You might not be able to do it with a sativa plant because of the skinny finger leaves, but a nice fat indica leafe would work.
@The man withnoname

Sorry, dude. I thought you meant that you wanted to smoke the leaves as the filling of the cigar.

But yeah, as a wrapper for the bud? Excellent idea! Have fun!
haha havnt tried them yet because i really havnt started growing yet
Okay, so I tried this, but on a smaller scale. Used a couple dry leaves to roll a joint.
It's pretty ******* harsh, to tell you the truth.

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