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Feb 7, 2022
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los angeles
Hi everyone,
I'm selling off all my equipment since I've grown more than what I originally needed it for.
I'm only selling local to Los Angeles and I will not ship anything out.
It's a grow tent 4 feet by 1.5 feet by 3 feet. Famurs tf1200 x 2 (105 watts each), 1.5 bags of soil, veg plus bloom, grow dots, flower power, cal mag, pH up pH down, ppm and pH meter, fabric bags, exhaust fan, ac infinity filter, 30 ish seeds (Barney's, ethos, but mostly seeds from private breeder). I also have peg, glycerin to make vape liquid I'll be including.
I have completed only 2 grow sessions and have been able to yield around 250-280 grams per run.
I'll be selling this for $150 in total and I'm pretty sure I spent around $1,200+.
Looking for a new LED light for my new 2x4 veg tent. My flower tent has the spider2000 in it which I love but is kinda pricy and I ya not need all that power in a veg tent. Any ideas of a new led that won’t break the bank I can hangin my new 2x4 tent? Right now my vegging plants are under a pole light with four led heads with no tent. They are perfectly happy with the cheap plant light but I’m running out of room there this time of year with extra plants.
I have this for sale

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