Wen can I? How do I?

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Sep 14, 2005
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How tall or old does the plant hav to be before topping. should u top it while it is in vegative growth or flowering phase? How should this be done?
"IMHO" topping should only be done during veg', and not before the fourth node.
If i need a short plant would it be smart to top it or not?
The leaves grow for a reason...

If you need a short plant, you're best to "coach" your plant by tying the top with a string and tying the other end to something on the floor. Every day or so, reduce the lenght of string by "bending"the plant ever so slightly. Your plant will grow sideways, thus reducing overall height.

...As a bonus to this, any branches that are now pointing up from your bent plant, should develop bigger colas than if they had grown out sideways from the "straight" plant.
I was goin to do that wen it gets big enough.

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