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What can we do?


Cooler Than Your Dad
May 18, 2006
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What can we do? Come-on folks, The People who represent " Us ", The elected " Officials" dont know anything about Cannabis. And why should they? All they know is what they have been told by the news and Hollywood. And honestly, It's not a pertty picture is it? Because its not a real picture of US. Its usely some stereo-types, you know, the tie-dyes, the hippy slang, the I.Q.'s of squirrels [ from being burned-out from years of abuse]. Now I dont know about you, but when I look at Myself, My Frends and Family,I dont see " CHONG " , LOVE the comedy, LOVE the "MAN", but bro, that's NOT ME. Anyways..... There are ALOT of US, and we're not slow, we're not lazy, and we figure out ALL KINDS of things everyday. { look at that last patch job on your bong,GOOD WORK!:) How about when you finaly got the exhaust for your grow working just right, HOO-RAA!! And finialy, When you'r smokeing your own, and enjoying the fruits of your labor, You KNOW you've learned something that 99% of the people around have no idea about. Why can't WE figure out how to "Tax and Regulate" our favorite Plant? $25. A Plant/ for personal use? $1000.00 for a small guarden? How About a $100.00 " Smokers Permit"? And how about a slideing scale for low-income people? Should there even be a "Comercial Permit"? And if so how much? Where should the taxs and fees go to? Remember folks, this is a whole new industry, It could be great or traigic. Done to help all people, or done for profit. The wording must reflect the disire to help ALL people, Not just the wants of a few. How-about part of the taxs going to help the home-less, how about hireing the homeless? How about welfair-relief? Help with Social Security? You know we're ALL getting older and the world goverments dont give a dam about anyone but " Them and There's".If WE could figure out ALL the answers, I know I would be willing to pass that information to ALL the news-papers, and branches of Goverment, and media-outlets. E-Mails and phone calls, disrupting public speaches and getting the word out, Because WE KNOW that this plant can help in healing our WORLD. So come on folks, Think on this, I know we are not like they say we are, And if anyone is EVER going to help out our Cause, OUR PEOPLE, It has to start somewere , Why Not HERE? Why Not US? Im not saying anarcy, we have to stay with-in the lines, But the basic function of Goverment is to HELP THE PEOPLE.There are ways to get things done, And one of the first steps in the prosess is haveing A PLAN, something in writeing, Something that shows, in plain language, HOW to TAX and REGULATE. We need to show how useless it is to throw Millions and Billions of Dollars trying to Stop Comsumers from buying this plant, When that same money could be better used to realy help people live. For more JOBS, and for our children and there childern. Lets REALY try to get the ball rolling.


have you sent that as a letter to your congressman?

it be a good one.


Great read CV and i agree 100% man. When i'm high i'm anything but lazy. I have idea's running through my head all day long as i hit the bong. ;)


This is what we are doing in Nevada...

In Nevada, the ‘Marijuana Initiative’ is on the ballot. This is the most important state initiative in the November 2006 election. Passage of this referendum in Nevada would legalize possession within the state of under an ounce of cannabis. The state would license any current seller of tobacco to retail cannabis to adults 21 and over. This remarkable ballot initiative is the project of the Marijuana Policy Project. If you live in Nevada, contact and volunteer to do phone calls, give money for ads and browbeat anyone you know in Nevada to get out and vote YES for the Marijuana Initiative. It will be an extremely tight vote for what may be an historical precedent.

We have legal Medical MJ. We tried this in 2002. We are trying again.
Wish us luck.


Good luck on getting the 10000 phone bankers!
that's excellent way to get people who are apethetic about voting to actually come out and vote.
tell em about this referendum and how important it is.
just think of all the people this would save from prison or jail!

I really like the T-shirts too- I'm gonna have to get one!


can a get a script from you of what the phone calls might sound like?

I used work as a tellephone solicitor and I might be able to help you out.
I can't get to nevada right now but I remember how eciting it was to gather signatures for the medical marijuana initiative here in washington state. it took us two tries to get it passed but we did it!
I know you can do it!


Howdy Seattle

Thanks man, let me see what I can do. I stood i parking lots and had people to tell me to piss off for the most part.
At least we have legal MMJ. In 2002 we tried but only received about 39% yes.
Actually not to bad a showing.
I will get back to you.

I sent you a PM


Keep us posted on how it goes. If that passes, I'm moving to nevada!

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