What do i need?

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May 15, 2011
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Ok i have a budget of say £300 to £500 and want to know what i need to grow quality potent weed indoor.I have a wardrobe and i live in scotland
How big is the wardrobe, what are you hoping to do and how much is that in $$ lmao

oh, and :welcome: my friend, I think you'll find the answers you seek here!
There are as many opinions as grains of sand on a beach. However--
I would buy a 400W mag ballast or get a cheap 2nd hand one, a good cooled reflector, and a 400W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp. (Great for both veg and flower). Use coco and in the UK there is a very easy and good automatic watering system, I forget the name. Use 6 x 3 gallon square pots and keep the canopy even or go SOG. You'll need a 6" inlet fan and a 6" exhaust fan via carbon filter. I'd recommend doing cheese SOG in the UK or if you want a faster harvest do 6 x Kush style indicas. Just my opinion FWIW
A good online store to look at all of the materials that yu will need or want is called discount hydro (in the USA) their UK counterpart is basement lighting.com. I go look at it just to window shop for the future. Do a lot of reading of the stickies here..some really good information. good luck to ya
More Money! LOL,, ;) 1st Priority is Light and Heat all in one,, So a 600watt HPS light system. A powerfull inline exhaust fan, some ducting, and cut a HOLE in your closet roof or something to exhuast hot air out. A regular med size fan and Four Ten Liter pots some potting soil and perlite. Use lots of perlite 25-30%. Four good clones of a proven mother and your set! ONLY my OPINION on a cheap easy quick workable closet setup! Good Luck and have Fun ;)

P.S. if the closet is big enough get two 600watt hps systems, maybe find another smaller closet or spot that you could put a 400watt MH and use it as a veg/station for 24 hour light. I use a Long closet for flowering with two 600w hps and a 400 in the middle. Then use the smallest little coat closet with a 400 MH for Vegging. You will find that you don't need your Vegging spot to be very big just need the 24hour light and enough room for some pots get them to about 18 inches and send to flower room. I actually have three spots LOL one for clones too, take the cuttings the day you send to flower room. LOL Just the way I do it, Everyone is different though!! So many ways I just find simple not to be so Simple!! lol,,, It takes so much more work than I ever thought but having Good bud that I grew all the time is so worth it!:D
I am in Scotland and started out around 7 months ago with a similar budget. I have since ended up spending around £2k but my space is much bigger than a wardrobe.

If you are in the Central Belt, stay away from Premier Hydroponics just off the M8 in Edinburgh, the guy is a con merchant!

Much of what you need can be bought from places other than hydro stores.
Charlieshydro ebay store has some decent kit at cheap prices, probably the cheapest online in the UK.
As HL said, lighting, lighting, lighting. Work out the size of your grow area and light it appropriately, a 600w hps is good for around 16 sq ft but they generate a lot of heat, especially in an enclosed space like a wardrobe. You can get a 600W for £70 from CH
Ventilation is the second big element. You will need to exhange the air in your space at least every minute to provide CO2 for the plant(s) and to remove hot air. you can get a 6" fan with a carbon filter for around £90 from CH
Air movement is also a must in an enclosed space to prevent mould and to help strengthen the plant stems. A fan for a wardrobe sized space is less than £20 in Argos.
You will need a ph meter, a hobby style one can be bought for around £25 from ebay. If you go hydro, you will need an EC meter, again for around £25 on ebay.
Genetics, nutrients, containers, etc are all important but the factors above should give you a decent start.
I would suggest getting seeds from an online store, they are secure and safe. Don't use bagseed, it will more than likely hermie on you and you could end up with a ruined crop.
Research is the most important factor though, the more you can learn before starting, the better prepared you will be. I know this sounds obvious but it can never be understated. I did 2 years of reading before commiting to a grow and am still asking questions all the time as new experiences test my very limited skills.
As someone I am deeply indebted to often quotes, you are trying to grow a product that sells for £10 a g in some places in Scotland. Your investment will be repaid.
You are in the best place for help, the guys here really know their stuff and if you invest your time and effort to learn, they will always try to help.
Green mojo my friend.W
Thanks for the advice guys ;) This is just a rough idea of what i need.What u think ? More ideas would be appreciated.

Lumatek Dimmable Diamond Lighting System 400W Price: £200.95 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=435&subCategoryID=435&productID=2222

RVK 125 A1 Extractor Fan - 250m3/h Price: £69.95 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=445&subCategoryID=445&productID=1869

Intake Particle Filter Box 125mm Price: £39.95 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=486&subCategoryID=486&productID=2188

Grasslin Segmental Timer Price: £11.50 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=334&subCategoryID=334&productID=1890

Eazi Roll Hangers Price: £9.99 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=336&subCategoryID=336&productID=1889

ETI Digital Thermo Hygrometer Price: £17.49 hXXtp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=232&subCategoryID=232&productID=619

BioCanna Soil and Nutrient Multipack Kit price: £33.97 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=273&subCategoryID=273&productID=1921
ReflectaGro - 10M Roll Price: £28.00 hXXp://www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=275&subCategoryID=275&productID=1931
Oh Geez...lol
Brosef live links are not allowed,,,,either take off the http://www. off or change hTTp to hXXp
I have not looked at any of the links you listed since they are all live. No one will visit those links, so unless you change them, you will have difficulty in getting some help.

What I can say about your shopping list is there are some steep prices there!

Lumatek Dimmable Diamond Lighting System 400W Price: £200.95
3 months ago, I paid £135 for a 600W switchable, dimmable Lumatek.

RVK 125 A1 Extractor Fan - 250m3/h Price: £69.95
hxxp://stores.ebay.co.uk/Charlies-Hydro?_trksid=p4340.l2563 £74 with carbon filter

Intake Particle Filter Box 125mm Price: £39.95
I use a pair of ladies tights over my intake fan, 2 pieces of fine mesh taped over intake, works perfect and less than £2

Grasslin Segmental Timer Price: £11.50
Asda have timers for £2.50 that will do the job for a 400W

Eazi Roll Hangers Price: £9.99

ETI Digital Thermo Hygrometer Price: £17.49
B&Q have a decent one for around £13

BioCanna Soil and Nutrient Multipack Kit price: £33.97
I am sure your local grow shop will give you a better price if you ask! They will give it you in order to win your custom!

ReflectaGro - 10M Roll Price: £28.00
I would recommend visiting your local grow shop if you can, they will have better prices.

My local grow shop always gives me between a 10 and 20% discount on everything I buy there, mainy because I am there at least once a week.

The items themselves are all good, they will do a fine job for you, its just the prices are a bit on the high side considering you are on a budget. Shop around my friend, I have bought a few items from Charlieshydro and I refuse to use PayPa£ so I phone the store and place my order, next day on most things. Excellent prices & service.
Peace W
Thanks for the advice guys ill take that intake fan off my list.
Also what reflector would you recommend - Air Cooled SuperNova Reflector,Parabolic Reflector or Diamond reflector ?
Lumatek Digital Dimmable Switchable or Powerplant Pro Grow Ballast ?
This is my to get list so far >

Lumatek Dimmable PowerPack 400W
Air Cooled SuperNova Reflector
Rhino Pro Carbon Filter
400w Phillips Agro Lamp/bulb
RVK 125 A1 Extractor Fan
Reflectagrow or White Matt Paint

Anything else?
Get the air Cooled reflector, you need to be able to vent it, what is the size of the reflector? You need to make sure your fan has the same circumference, you are also going to need ducting to connect everything.

An Oscillating fan to move the air around is handy, something that you can hang preferably.

Are you going Soil or Hydro?
Im with Ranek on the reflector, air cooled means you will be able to get the light closer to your plants without burning.
If you have the carbon filter and an air cooled reflector, I think you will need a 6" fan. Because you will be drawing air through the carbon filter, it reduces the power of the fan by around 25%. You will need to set up a string like this, carbon filter, ducted to air cooled reflector, ducted to fan, ducted to exhaust.
As Ranek said, an oscillating fan is a must to prevent heat build up, circulate CO2 and strengthen the plant stems.
Lumateks are great but there are other ballasts out there, I saw a 400W digital on ebay last week for under £100.
Be careful which bulb you get. I am not certain here but I think the Agro bulb is red spectrum, meaning it can be used for flowering. You will need a separate bulb for the vegitative stage. Or you can get a dual spectrum bulb which will do both stages. (I use Sunmasters which are dual spectrum)

You will also need containers, a ph meter and if going hydro, an EC meter.
Hope these bits of info help.
I actually use the Lumatek systems and love them (but they are pricey) The nice thing about them (I don't know if others can work the same way) they are switchable so that yu can run a 400w MH for veg then switch to a 600w HPS for flower. If yu stay with the digital ballasts make sure to get the digital bulbs as the satndard bulbs fail pretty quick in the digi-ballasts. I also use the larger vented reflectors with good results but have recently bought a "cool tube" to try out as those seem like they would run cooler and can be set up with various "wings" to suit yer needs. I don't know if yu can get any better prices but yu can check out basement lighting.com there in the UK as they are pretty good here under "discount Hydro". I would also suggest getting some T5HO lights for early veg as they work really good. I use them in combination with my HIDs with really good results.

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