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Nov 13, 2005
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This is just a little experiment of mine before the growing season in spring. i have only grown once before and after 2 months it was mysteriously stolen and wasnt able to bud yet want to make it so i dont have to spend any money into it. well its fall and the winter is coming in forcing me to grow indoors. here it gets to about low 80s in the day and mid 40s at night so i dont know how the plant will turn out. I started growing 2 plants in a 24W24L16H skylight. i started the germination of 2 sativa trainwreck seeds on 9/21. they were both planted together in a gallon milk container with the top cut off. now one is 9" and the other is 5" tall and is on their 8th pair of leaves. i am thinking that the 9" plant is a male and i will be removing it tomorrow. Also i noticed on both plants the bottom leaves were yellowing and now they are dead i think because of the lack of nitrogen in the soil. also i think that the plants are so small is because it only recieves sunlight at cirtain parts in the day.

i have a few questions if you guys have any suggestions

Will the lack of nitrogen in the soil affect the bud outcome?

How long until it will bud if it does?

thanks for reading and reply if you have any suggestions

First things first: You can't grow weed under a skylight.

I mean, it will grow--kinda--but you won't get any bud.
To get bud you need at least 16 hours of light per 24 during veg.

Indoors you're gonna need:
Flo's (poor but will work)
MH (great during veg, not so much during flowering)
HPS (the king of lights)
at a rate of 6000 lumens per sq/ft of growspace.
Flo's produce 75 lumens per watt
MH--110 lumens per watt
HPS--125 lumens per watt.

You also need quality potting soil AND nutrients to add.

Sorry to say, but you aren't gonna get any bud worth smoking out of your current set-up.

You should read a growbook if you're serious about growing marijuana.
Another big no no is that if you have seeds DO NOT PLANT THEM TOGETHER IN THE SAME CONTAINER:eek: . It might work at first but as the plant gets larger the roots will need its own room. you dont want the roots choking each other. Like GanjaGuru said if u are serious read a growbook;)

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