whats in My My's Box?

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Jan 11, 2011
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Hey Folks,
Thought i would share a few pictures...
for those of you that knew my little garden from pics from the AK47 Auto Grow i did..
Well since that grow i am currently working on the next grow.
Since my first grow i have added a veg. room to my little indoor garden.
It sports a 8 bulb 4 foot T-5 light. And i just bought another 2 foot 4 bulb T-5 for the room as well.
the 27th of March i put 4 girls into the veg room. (dwc, 5 gallon buckets).
May 1st i put the 2 larger girls into the flower room in the rdwc. 600 watt HPS (3 weeks in flower as of today). I took some shots yesterday of the girls both of the 2 in Flower and 1 of the 2 still in the veg area...

And for whats its worth to someone just starting out. check out my old AK47 grow, then look at these lovely Ladies.... This grow the plants are so much happier then the AK grow. I learnt alot on the AK grow of what not to do...lol.. Please dont misunderstand. I am still NO Pro by a long shot, but am getting better!:hubba:
My My
Looking great my my--happy, green, and bushy. You are just going to love having separate vegging and flowering spaces.
Thank you Rose,
I'm hoping for a Cola like yours! :D
you folks here sure have helped out a ton in advise and ideals.
I would like to thank everyone that has lent a hand!
Ms. Goddess,
you are 100% right!
I love the new veg room already...
and of course the peanut brain is turning.. since the flower room has 1 door for access, and it is a real pain in the rump to work on the girl in the back of the room. I had decided that a door on each end of the Veg room would make my life easier... and it sure did...
I am Thinking maybe.... down the road a bit, switching rooms so the flower room will have 2 doors for easier maintance for me... since i am now flowering 12/12 and have the T-5's on 24/7, the power bill has indeed went up. I dare not add any more lights... **yet** lol...
Thanks for all your advise THG... You Rock!
My My

Nice Dank

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
I know your right, this is certainly going to be dank..

Thank you very much for patting me on the back. heck everyone enjoys a pat when they are doing well, and i expect a smack when i'm messing up as well.

I still have about 8 weeks give or take to go in the flower room, so alot could go Crazy in that time frame tho. in a week or so i am going to take some cuts from the 2 girls in veg and see if i can't get them to root. i have a couple freinds that are going to grow them outside this summer, and i might just pop 1 or 2 outdoors as well.
My My
kytsam, Nova thanks guys!
thought id throw up a few pics from today, flower room right before lights on. 5 weeks into flower.
game plan was to run them 9 weeks. But will be watching trichs for the right time to harvest.
My My
well the breeder of these testers i have been running finally put a name to them!

*Sh*t outta Luck* :eek: By TCVG

that is the name the breeder will be selling the beans under.
No this is not a advertisement..
My My
Dang my my! Those are gonna be dank. I can almost smell them from here. Great job:yay:
the male used for breeding is.
Outlaws Gorilla Grape (Kong). (Urkle x Double Purple Doja)

I don't recall at this time what the female he pollinated with.
I will have to check my notes and see if i have it jotted down tho.
As you know THG i am also a newbie @ the indoor grow. this is only my second indoor go. and Thanks to several folks, they have pointed me in the right direction! those folks know who they are. and Yes you are one of the folks i am referring to Ms. Goddess.

Thanks Thomas 11111..
these girls do in fact Reek! But in a good way. I still can not honestly name the smell... The little lady says (she doesn't smoke weed tho). but she claims to her it smells like Skunk/Grape.

again Mods, this was not meant To be a advertisement.
Just excited about these girls! the one in the back of the flower room is right about 5 feet tall, and the closer one is right about 4 feet tall.

there are Trichs even on the fan leaves from the 2 i still have in Veg.
See Ms. Goddess, i listened to you... More plants doesn't == more weed...
I am shooting for Quality, and decided to just flower out 2 at a time.
as best i can remember the flower room is right about 38 inch's side to side both ways, with a 9 foot ceiling.
Now I think if i was growing in Soil, i would be able to flower all 4 at the same time.
But i enjoy how the Hydro grows them BIG.
I will update weekly for the rest of the grow..
:lama: Delicious Loveing them plant's mymy they look great :D
I'll tell ya what my my. You have an awesome looking box! Yummy! :hubba:
Thought i would share a few pics with you all tonight.
Also in my Box i have 2 Plants named Home Wrecker. Was told it was a Good Couch Lock Buzz so i figured id give it a go..
also new to the box Just tonight (my Stash box that is):D
Believe it or not i ran the trim i have saved from this grow.. Kinda wondered if it would really be worth while.. :eek: i put to much trim in to really get the most out of it. ( i use Hash Bags and ice/old water).. this is mostly from the veg state.. Just maybe a dozen or so leaves from the girls in flower 6 weeks on Sunday...
My My
Hamster Lewis said:
Looking yummy....is that Home Wrecker from TCVG?

Yes Mr. Lewis..
I saw another folks grow of it, and it was some Killer looking bud.
sugested 9 weeks, but said it would be more to my liking at 11.
But I'm starting to think they are going to go a bit quicker in the Hydro.
I'll be checking trichs you can bet. But the plan is to flower both those under T-5. then i plan to run 1 or 2 t-5 veg. then the 600 hps for flower, and see how much real difference there will be. kinda a experiment to see how much difference there will be.
I am also flowering the 2 remaining Testers under 4 ft T-5 8 bulber. Or at least untill the 2 currently in the flower room finish. I will decide when that day gets here tho.

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