Whats the best method to keeping a plant short?

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Jun 22, 2011
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Hey i have one plant that i need to keep short(i have it sorta into the woods and i need to keep it short because if it gets much taller it will stick out) and i was just wondering what would the best method be? its still in a early age how ever i dont know the exact age because of the fact that i got it from a friend that started a grow and needed to down size his grow and he gave it to me. well anyways if i need to know the exact age i can call him up and ask him.
I take wire clothes hangers and cut it into 4 straight pieces. Then on one end bend about 1/2" at a 45 degree angle. When you go to stake the plant down wear gloves so as no to leave fingerprints at your site.
alright thanks man sounds like a good idea, and i will wear gloves just in case but but to tell you the truth i seriously doubt anyone will find it, its as deep into the woods as i could get it without it not getting the proper sun and everything it needs.

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