What's wrong w/ her tomatoes?

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Feb 12, 2011
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First. These aren't mine.
She said she uses Miracle Grow soil & yes there is drainage. She said she just watered.
Any ideas? :cool:

"They are rotting. To much water and not enough air circulation. Tomatoes can deal with it to dry but not to wet. Cut the dead/rot off and let the soil dry a bit. When they are to dry the top starts to droop. The brown lower die off is not from dry conditions."

Is he right?
It does look like they're being drowned. Nice large drainage holes in the bottoms or around the bottom edge are needed.

When watering, water until moist, not *wet*. Once the plants are nice and large, (about 3 times their current size), then she can get away with making the soil wet between waterings because the plants will use the water much faster. Right now, she just needs to let it dry out. Don't trim off anything that isn't obviously dead.

On the next watering, just water with enough to get the soil damp. Then water more often with that amount.

take care and be safe
Too much water and those yellow buckets are absorbing too much heat, keeping the roots to hot.
Thanks everyone. I'll let her know......
tell her the lift the pot method for determining the dryness

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