When to start fertilzing?

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Mar 31, 2005
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just wanted to verify this...im under the impression that there's no need to fertilze for the first 3 weeks from seed...true?

Also i have some of that Miracle Grow product and on the package it has suggested application rates but i'm not sure which one MJ falls under ?...the plant types mentioned are :

Annual Garden Beds (all flowers and vegetables) - every 7-10 days

All trees (fruiting and ornamental) - 3 times a yr

All shrubs (evergreen and flowering) - every 2-3 weeks

Potted plants and orchids - every 2-3 weeks

u guys have any idea which dosage would best suit MJ...?? im thinking once a fortnight is plenty.

i also have another fertilzer called 'GT COCO Enhanced' thats comes in 2 containers, one for veg and one for flowering. Butdoesnt have anything on the package suggesting how often to apply...anyone know how often to apply??...also u guys think using both of them is too much for the plant or should i just stick with one?
DOn't overdo it!!!! Only one plnat food at a time. As for how much Miracle grow to use......NONE, Miracle grow is crap for MJ. The other stuff you have sounds better, but you gotta find out how much to use.

You don't HAVE to feed nutes for the first 3 weeks, but you can if you make it mild nutrients.
ye i right with how much to use...but im unsure about how often

wats a good feeding schedule?...once, twice a week?
NTC, I have heard that Miracle-Gro is not too good but not too bad - can you explain, please? Thanks.
GreenBandit said:
ye i right with how much to use...but im unsure about how often

wats a good feeding schedule?...once, twice a week?

Once a week if not once every other week depending on how much fert you use. Just because we fert does not mean we should over do it, better to be safe then sorry. Your first grow will be what I call a "learning grow". You will have to read as much as you can and do trial and error, your second grow you should know what works for you.
ye this is actually my second time growing...the first time i made many mistakes, and im sure fertilizing periods was one of them... i think i was feeding them every 3rd water and i was watering every 2-3days under a 400w HPS. But i was giving them far too much fertilizer i believe, so trying to avoid making the same mistake with this grow. I think im going to fertilize every 10-14days to be safe with a 1/4 dilution of what is recommended on the package...ill keep everyone posted.

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