which is better?


420 4 ever

what ratio would you recommend for vegging(1. or 2.) , i have both but not sure which to use???
1.plant-prod 20-20-20
2.miracle-gro 24-8-16

thx for the info...


Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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well, to give my humble opinion on ferts. this is how I see it. (this way you'll choose ferts in the future that fit the cycle its in):

three major nutrients needed by plants: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K)

(N) the first number (P) the second and (K) the third.

for veg. a fertilizer should have roughly twice as much N as it does P and K.

for the flowering cycle your plants need a high Phosphorous (P) food. It does not need much (N) in this cycle. So you want to keep this down to a minimum.

So in a nut shell use the 24-8-16 for veg. I would look into ferts such as fox farms as they have a complete set that will see you through a full grow. When the plant is in flower it will not use up the (N) using 20-20-20 or the other nUt 24-8-16 which will cause a build-up and cause a nutrient overdose unless flushed. IMHO.

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