Which Vaccine did you get if you got it.

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I'm leaning towards the J&J because the other two have had some problems or side effects with the Heart and its linings. J&J has some blood clotting issues with mostly Women under 50.
Because of my heart issues I'm already on Blood Thinners so I can handle Blood Clots better the swelling of the heart muscle. Which by the way was mostly found in younger men. God Damn shame I have to even think about this bullshit. Besides I'm pretty sure me and my Wife have already had the shit back in December of 2019 before the Morons knew it was here.
Not to fking Mention they are talking about moving the goal post on what's considered fully Vaccinated. W. T. F 😠
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Just thought of something. Because of your medical condition that you get a medical exemption? If you're on blood thinners and these things cause blood clots I would think that you might be given a pass. Probably not though the government wants everybody to get this and I've heard getting a medical exemption is almost impossible anyway just a thought.
Nope. The fkers said I need it more then ppl without heart problems. Never fking ends with that ******* in office. He is fking this Country up like nobodies business.
DT would have never Mandated shots ,, Never.
There has got to be a way to prove I've had it already and don't need this shot. Even some MSM are reporting that natural immunity is better than the shot. I had it. OK. I beat it. It sucked really bad and one night I told my wife that if I feel the same way in the morning, then we are going in. Lucky For Me - When I woke up in the morning it was the beginning of me beating it. A couple days later it was gone. My wife actually never got sick. She is an RN and we are pretty sure she had it at the very start before it had a name just after Christmas. Everyone in our circle passed it around. (Like a J - Not Funny). Even if we are willing to pay for the antibody test ourselves out of pocket..
No I'm not trying to start any shit. 😁

I'm in a position that by December I will have to get one of those fking Vaccines to keep my Job,,,AND NO I'm not going to lose my God Damn job over a shot. I work around lots of PPL who have gotten vaccinated and have no problems. I'm PISSED that I'm having to take it, and not because I'm scared of it. Right now I'm leaning toward the J&J because of all the research i have done.
I would like to hear from you about any side effects you had from the Vaccine and which one you took. And if you know someone that has taken the Vaccine and had side effects. I would like to hear that too.
I like to do research when i need to make an informed decision.
Thank You
Got Moderna Before you could pick and choose. Minimal effects, mostly just sore arm. Will get the booster soon.
Got Moderna Before you could pick and choose. Minimal effects, mostly just sore arm. Will get the booster soon.
Should mention that the chip in the vaccine allows me to change tv channels now without the remote. Also no longer have to pay for the Internet. I can pull it in and it's faster than the service I was paying for.

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