Who is the head honcho around here, the big Kahuna?

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Jan 7, 2009
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Hi guys and girls,

I've been a member here quite a while but don't know who the site owners are and would like to directly contact them.

Your help would be much apreesh? :)
Just don't be in a hurry for a reply MarP is not around to often. your best bet is to see if Hick can help you out first
Jericho said:
MarPassion is the site owner,

Hick , THG and KK are Mods.

http://www.marijuanapassion.com/forum/member.php?u=1 This is Marpassions profile.

Oh, many thanks for the info Jericho, nice one mate from London, much apreesh.

I have sent THG quite a comprehensive enquiry but she's not yet got back to me, leaving me hanging in her sublime loveliness, well, ya can never win with these Goddess types eh mi fren?
lol yea u gotta baaaaaaa baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa contact hick

*sheep language works best to get his attention.
I would Say that HICK...is the Top Dog Here....well hes the one that Barks Harder then others...:rofl:
Hey Rockster, good to see you back. I PM'd you back, but, basically, you should PM Hick.

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