why can buds have no odor

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Jan 31, 2005
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has anybody had this problem. i'm trying to get my buds to produce a distinct aroma and their not doing any thing. after drying and curing they have no aroma.
Some strains produce little or almost no aroma.

Do you know what strain you're growing?
Did you slow-dry?
How long did you cure for?
it's that Crystal strain, The Dutch Highlife Cup winner of '02. if you go to weedseedshop.com, they have it there and part of the description is that it has a fuel like aroma, and a quick hitting high F1 hybrid. I not doubting that it does the job but it's doesn't have any scent. maybe i didn't dry it like i should have, i hung them upside down for four days and then put them into to paperbags but with no experience i overlaped the buds and they grew mold, so i flashed dryed on a pan sheeted with foil and they dryed pretty quickly. after all this they had no aroma. but even saying all this they didn't produce any odor during veg or flower growing.
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